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How are you suppose to respond to abortion?

When people ask abortion questions I get so angry because it is so selfish and horrible to me. I don’t buy into the whole it’s your body do what is best for you argument. I do judge these people and I know I shouldn’t because that is wrong as well. I suppose not answering would be the most obvious solution but is it ever possible to make people realize how unfair abortion is to the little baby who can’t make their own choice?

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34 Responses to “How are you suppose to respond to abortion?”

  1. ~Due Jan. 24th~ said:

    You cant change how someone feels about something…i mean its there opinion.

  2. Mommy2Be said:

    I would answer these questions just the way you feel… People posting these questions should understand that they are going to get mixed feelings on such a serious topic.

  3. Denise G said:

    Could I convince you how unfair it is to force something on a woman you don’t know or don’t know the circumstances?

  4. Noah's Mommy. said:

    What about those women that are raped? You think they are being selfish as well? Not answering IS the most obvious and best solution. I agree that using abortion as a form of birth control is horrible. However, that is not what all women use it for and it’s not our place to judge them.

    I don’t think pushing your opinion on the matter on them is going to make a difference.

  5. Mommy in 3 weeks said:

    I am with you, I think abortion is horrible, I just try to give them information, and let them know about other options such as private adoption. in the end we are just some faceless people who are typing an answer, so we cant force them to see things our way.

  6. Rosie said:

    Y!A unfortunately is not the place to advocate. Avoid answering the questions unless it is specifically asking for your opinion. Try writing blogs on a parenting forum or on your website. Remember, one mind changed is one baby saved.

  7. StonewallBrigade said:

    It’s not their body that anti-abortion people are concerned about. It’s the body growing inside them. The can kill themselves if they want to. That would be doing whatever they wanted to THEIR body.

  8. Mommyluv said:

    If those questions bother you that much, I would try and avoid them. Unfortunately abortion exists and probably always will. Those people that go through with it will have to answer to God one day. We are only human and are in NO position to decide when a baby becomes a baby, and whether it should live or die.

  9. BaByMaMa Tashina said:

    I look at it as at least the babies are in heaven… and when the time is right they will be born to a good, loving family… their chance is not over at life, just postponed, but yes it infuriates me as well that so many take getting pregnant lightly…

  10. sweetlilonebaby said:

    I used to be just like you, passing judgement… but let me tell you something sweetie… don’t ever think you know how you would act in a certain situation unless you would walk in that persons shoes.

    Continue that attitude and you will have long, friendless road ahead of you

  11. sugarcane said:

    it’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it. although i think that people should take responsibility for their actions i do believe that people have a right to decide to make that choice for themselves based on how many months. you have to consider that it’s also not right to bring a child into a world where it may be abused or unloved. there are plenty of children who are orphans currently speaking who don’t know what it’s like to have a home and to be loved. if someone was raped and decided to have that rapist baby, they may take out their anger on that child as it gets older. there are many things to factor in.

  12. BeagleBag_ said:

    I feel like you do, but also realize we have to be loving–both towards people who support abortion and those who have had abortions.

    Priests for Life has a new project out called “Is this what you mean?”. They have videos showing the different abortion procedures. WARNING–at least two of the videos have real aborted babies, so be aware of that. The project is trying to make people aware of what happens to the baby during an abortion.

    I am not Catholic, by the way, but I really respect the organization.

  13. Edg1 said:

    People should see “silent scream” on you tube. If this doesn’t make them aware of how horrible this is there’s no helping them.
    Abortion is a sin, murder, and should be a crime again.

  14. Just Me said:

    I encourage everyone to please please PLEASE not answer questions about abortion on here in the pregnancy section because I am so sick of seeing them on here.

  15. ~TiFFy 14wks due 12|14|08~ said:

    if the child has a heartbeat…its murder. and that heartbeat comes REALLY early in development!

  16. This Girl said:

    I know that this is a touchy subjuct and I completely agree with you. I know it sounds stupid, but I wish you had to have some type of license or something to have a child, there are so many women out there that choose not to use protection then have a baby that they don’t want and don’t take care of, so in my opinion the baby suffers so much less if they are aborted. I’m not agreeing with abortion at all, but I hate to see these little ones who grow up in a home where there really not wanted and then in turn showing that type of affection to others. I really don’t think thats there is much you can say that would make women who think abortion is ok, to change there mind, all we can do is pray for them and know that that little one is in heaven with there father who loves them more than they could have ever experienced on this earth.
    And for those who were raped or whatever ‘I think’ the beter option would be to put the baby up for adoption, thats just my opinion.

  17. Amber O said:

    I would answer these questions honeslty how you feel. I was 15 the first time i got pregnant and my mother told me that if i didnt have an abortion she would kick me out of the house and with no where to go i did. It was February 9th and every year on this day i get very depressed nowing that i actually had other options. I do now have a 4yr old and one on the way but its just the matter of if i thought i was old enough to have sex then i should have been old enough to take care of a baby. I advise girls not to get abortions cause there are other options and it truly breaks my heart.

  18. TotalRecipeHound said:

    The problem is that you want to impose your will on to others who do not believe the same as you. I completely disagree with you that abortion is unfair to a fetus and find it repellent that others think their OPINION should be enforced. If you don’t want an abortion, don’t have one.

  19. ρяєgηαηт ∂єє 17/06/2008 39 WEEKS said:

    You have to remember that, that’s your opinion and you should not FORCE your VIEWS on ANYONE.
    I can see both sides but do get annoyed with people who are dam right nasty to people.
    People shout there mouths off with out even knowing the full situation.
    What is a baby was going to greatly suffer and it was cruel to let it be born just because of someones selfish needs.
    Do you ever think of scenarios like that???
    I very much doubt you do.
    Stop being so judgmental.

  20. heyyy said:

    I am going to get a million thumbs down for this answer, I know this.

    Personally, I agree with you, but your question is very one-sided, and I think that maybe you should think about the other side.

    You don’t know these women, who post these questions about abortion. You have never met them, you don’t know anything about their life and what they have been through. You don’t know their circumstances, and you have no right to judge them whatsoever. This is their life to lead, not yours. If you don’t have anything helpful to say, please don’t say anything at all. I’m sure these women are having trouble making that decision as it is, without some random judgemental woman on the internet making it harder.

  21. imissmynewgrandaughter said:

    What other women choose to do is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! Their choice to have an abortion has no affect on your or your life. It’s not up to you to make other women realize anything. Besides, those cells couldn’t make a choice if you gave it to them! It’s not like you are perfect and have nothing we could judge YOU on! You don’t have to have an abortion if you don’t want one! You are so against other women making the choice, but what are you doing to help support the unwanted children already here? How many are YOU willing to adopt? Take care of your own business and leave others to tend to theirs!!

  22. mommyoftwins227 said:

    ask them how they feel about their life with freedoms, usually they will respond like it’s ok or something, then go about saying that the baby should have the same rights as them because they didn’t fight to have these freedoms they were just given to them

  23. Pregnant with my 2nd! said:

    How many questions like this really need to be posted? It’s obviously a difference in opinion. My suggestion is simple, DON’T RESPOND! We obviously know that there’s people against it, for it and somewhere in the middle. If someone asks a question, rather than make them feel worse or rather than being judgemental….don’t answer it! Anyone who posts knows that there’s obviously people out there with opinions different than theirs out there, but who are you or anyone else to judge them? Who is anyone on here to make others feel bad? To each their own, but I don’t like people who intentionally hurt others to make a point.

  24. xxx jay xxx said:

    i think that is a very very judgemental thing to say what a shallow person

  25. Bring me sunshine said:

    I agree with other posters in that it should have its own section, or maybe it should go to Law and Ethics.

  26. ruddtherudd said:

    you should try to understand that every situation is different. there is no black and white. Undoubtedly, the baby does not deserve it. Lots of people do understand that, but they also understand other scenarios that alot of people never think about. what about cases of rape? if a woman is raped and gets pregnant, should she have to carry the baby of her attacker – a baby she never wanted – inside her? i was very much pro life until a good female friend of mine got raped and pregnant as a result of it. she had an abortion and i could never think ill of her for it. What’s right for her? She was just walking home from her mom’s house and ended up having 2 nightmarish experiences – the rape and the abortion. But she didn’t want to carry that man’s baby.

    it’s a tough issue. just remember when speaking about abortion in public that you never know who has had one privately and for what reason.

    i just say “I think that’s a personal issue” when asked about abortion.

    Hope this helps.

  27. 'Its a Girl'! 3rd sept!! said:

    We dont know their situation so we cant judge but I’m totally understanding what your talking about, the thing that gets me is why on earth do they ask in the pregnancy section!!
    I hate the ones that are doing it for a man how can anyone choose a man over their own child i dont get it and never will, but i do try to avoid them but sometimes it is hard as alot of people tend to use abortion as a contraceptive method which sickens me but we do have to blame our crap government who wont lower the abortion age from 24 weeks now that one i cant forgive that is just murder in the first degree, if women genuinely wanted to get rid of the child they wouldn’t wait that long they’d get it over and done with quick and in the first weeks of pregnancy!
    you’ve started me on one now!!!! lol

  28. Rats said:

    If you feel so strongly about abortion then don’t answer. Your opinions are just that – yours.

    It is always a controversial subject and everyone has differing views at different levels. Until you have been in that person’s shoes and know how they are feeling and the situation they have been in, you cannot possibly know what is the right decision.

    What suits your life and your beliefs is not the same for other people in the same position. You have the right to choose over your pregnancy, others should also have that right.

    If you had religious views, you wouldn’t expect someone with opposing views to force you to take their view. Please consider that this is one of the benefits of living in a free society – even if this is something that you don’t agree with, at least you are free to have your own opinions.

    P.S. Abortion is rarely basically about a woman’s body but about their life, social situation, their health and wellbeing.

  29. mama_in_april said:

    it’s your opinion and you can’t change it.
    Women who have abortions aren’t heartless women. It’s a painful choice, one that someone will live with for the rest of their lives. Learning about what a woman goes through after an abortion may help soften your heart. I don’t know if you are Christian, a lot of people who are pro-life are. It may help to ask yourself how Jesus would treat a woman who has had an abortion.

    Just thoughts from a Christian who has had an abortion and lives with the what-ifs every single day.

  30. firecat_mage said:

    Campaign to ban ALL abortions.

    Never mind that the child (if kept by the mother/parents) may be unloved, seen as more than just a burden, possibly even abused.
    Perhaps if the child is adopted, it may go to parents that abuse it, treat it worse than an animal or even kill it.

    Don’t say that wouldn’t happen because it does – all around the world.

    I may not agree with abortions on the whole BUT the choice must be there for the prospective parents or at least the mother.

    As for the ‘choice’, a baby has NO choice.
    A baby cannot choose what type of life it has.
    Maybe if it could then the world would be better as the new souls would go to kind, nurturing and loving parents every time.

    Don’t forget, you judge on YOUR PERSONAL character.
    YOU wouldn’t so they shouldn’t.

    I wouldn’t test medicines or make-up on any form of life, BUT animals are still used and EVERYBODY use the medicines that are developed and although people can choose whether to use the make-up, the animals can’t.
    Are you judging the animal rights activists that bomb the test centres and kill innocent people?
    Are you judging the scientists that do the testing?

    I find that the best way to respond to abortion is not to respond.
    It doesn’t affect me directly and I hope it never does. I know that it exists and that some people use it. The only way to prove that a foetus is aware at the maximum time allowed for an abortion is to scientifically test them.
    I for one DO NOT want any testing done in this way.

    That is MY choice.

  31. Nobody can stop me in the verse! said:

    There is no right way to respond to abortion. The woman who gets an abortion will also have to go through emotional stress. They know what risks they put themselves through, so we have to support them in every way. Yea, there’s a potential baby in her, but depending on the situation, sometimes it’s best.

    (e.g. What if she was raped by a man who hypothetically has evil serial killer genes?)

  32. Jenny H said:

    Everybody is entitled to have their own opinion, whether it’s right or wrong. There are different reasons women have abortions, if something is wrong with the baby, a rape victim may choose to abort, I believe in choice but I believe clinics need to show people that there are other options like adoption, and the lives it could change for people who cannot children. Also, let the woman know the mental affects it could have on the mother in the long run. I think you every right to speak your mind…..dont be rude about it, but when people talk about it and say it’s right….who is to say they are right anyways?

  33. andrew's mommy said:

    granted, i am not for abortion at all… but still its their body and their right. everyone is entitled until their own opinion on the topic. i dont belive abortion is ok unless going through the pregnancy puts the mother or child at risk of death during the pregnancy (serious conditions), if the women was raped or a victim of incest… and or the baby would have serious serious birth defects.
    i dont believe in using abortion as a form of birth control. i was totally appalled today when i read that this girl had 8 abortions… granted she could have been lying, but still if a girl is going to be doing that… then she should be sterilized so that she cant ever get pregnant. cause that is just wrong.

  34. Justaguyinaplace said:

    Yup, “The Silent Scream”, whoever made the comment about that film, made a believer out of me. I made it through the first 2 parts of it on youtube, but I don’t think I can stomach any more of it…

    I was more sided towards pro-life to begin with but I am 100% against abortion now.


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