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I have been TTC for two months now and today I am suppose to get my period?

I usually get it first thing in the morning. Mine isn’t here yet and I have no symptoms of getting it. I took a pg test this morning and it was negative. Could I be pregnant and it is too soon to tell? I just assumed if I was it would come out on a test by now, considering I’m due for my period today and I get them every 29 days. Anyone ever had this happen and ended up being pregnant anyways?
I also used first response early pg test.

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5 Responses to “I have been TTC for two months now and today I am suppose to get my period?”

  1. pammy_6201 said:

    it is much more common to get a false negative than a false positive…so just because the test said you are not, doesn’t mean that you are. Every test has a certain level or amount of the pregnancy horomone that it can read accurately…since it was a early response, they can read fairly low levels of the horomone. But in some women, it takes a while for the horomone to be built up and show up on a test….some women don’t get a positive result on a home test until they are 10 weeks. I would wait a week, if you don’t get your period, take another test. If it is negative, try again in a week. If it is still negative, call your doctor at that point. Or you could just call your doctor and have them do a blood test now. But it doesn’t hurt to wait a week or two. Good luck!

  2. TP said:

    It may have been too early to tell…OR you may be putting stress on your self TTC and that can alter your period cycles. I know this is easier said than done, but you need to stay relaxed and wait a little longer…If you don’t get your period in 3-5 days, test again…Good Luck to you!

  3. nukmeister1 said:

    You could be getting your period later tonight or maybe even tomorrow. Usually the early home pregnancy tests are pretty accurate. If you do not get your period within a week make an appt to see your doctor to do a blood test which is as accurate as you can get. Sometimes if you do not ovulate you will not get your period which has happened to me twice in my lifetime so far. Do not stress about getting pregnant because the more you do stress the harder it will be to become pregnant. If you and your spouse are young under 30 trying for approx 6 to 9 months without medical intervention is the norm. If you are over 30 and in 6 months you are still not pregnant and are trying at correct times then you should see a doctor for further testing such as blood tests for hormone levels and sperm count.

    You only have a 12-24 hour window of opportunity to become pregnant and if there is no sperm waiting for that egg then your chances are gone for that month. It takes a lot of the right things to happen to become pregnant so don’t stress too much if it will take you 6 months or so to become pregnant.

    Good luck

  4. jmhowey05 said:

    It can be so many things. I would wait a week and if you have not started your period than take another test. It is not too early to tell for some ppl. However, it could be too early for you to tell. When I found out I was PG for my youngest, I knew I was PG b4 I took the test. And I ended up taking it 3 days b4 I was suppose to start my period.
    It was faint but there.
    Now, I feel pregnant and am 8 days late….. took a test and it said neg. So everyone is different and every pregnancy is different. I suggest that you wait a week and if you dont start then take a test and if it says neg. then you need to see your dr. for a blood test.
    Hope this helps.
    Take care!

  5. Beth S said:

    Some women just don’t make enough HCG to turn the test positive at the very beginning of a pregnancy. Also, if conception occurred a day or so after you ovulated, you would not be far enough along yet. Wait a few days, and try again-good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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