How do I get my girlfriend back after cheating and lying to her?

I cheated on my girlfriend with my ex on three occasions over a 5 month period. She found out today and never wants to speak to me again. I feel terrible and want to know if it possible to win her back.
We were together for about a year. We were planning to get married. So it was a pretty serious relationship.

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10 Responses to “How do I get my girlfriend back after cheating and lying to her?”

  1. wonderwoman said:

    don’t bother !!!!

  2. Miss. Lovely said:

    leave her alone. You cheated. An with your ex. oh boy. I would leave your ass too

  3. Oxymoron said:

    HAHAHA. Well good job dumb ass. Maybe you shouldn`t have cheated. Don`t try and get her back, she can do better than you and I`m sure she knows that now.

  4. missmojo78 said:

    Let me get this right, you love the woman enough to want to marry her, but you were willing to risk the entire relationship by fooling around with an ex. This makes no sense. If you really wanted her in your life you would have kept it in your pants. What the hell did you think would happen when she found out? If she is smart she won’t take you back.

  5. -LittleMissSunshine.☼ said:

    Why did you do it in the first place?
    She’s not gonna forgive you now after that. If you were going to get married, she will probably hate you for crushing her dreams. How could you do that to somebody you must love?

  6. Nick T said:

    Do her a favor and walk away. You don’t deserve her.

  7. amanda8867 said:

    It may not be possible to win her back. Definitely give her space and time to think about things. There’s always a chance that she’ll forgive you, it depends on how she feels about it. Personally I just got out of a 3 year relationship where he was cheating and lying to me for a long time. I refuse to talk to him and will NEVER give him a second chance.

  8. blackwings_fallenfeathers said:

    In a relationship you want to trust that person your with. She probably think your gonna do the same thing again, cause she doesn’t trust you. If she doesn’t go back out with you then you’ll learn something for the next relationship your in. Oh and keep you twig and berries in your pants from your ex. You should have been done and over with her.

  9. thewisegenius said:

    I see a couple things wrong in this situation. The first being that it was a “pretty serious” relationship and yet you felt the need to cheat and lie to her for five months. If you have been going out for about a year and have cheated on her for 5 months you have been cheating on her for almost HALF of the time that you have been going out with her.

    The fact that she doesn’t ever want to talk to you again should not shock you at all. The fact that you cheated on her three times and only are sorry about it when she found out speaks volumes about your character.

    Perhaps you should re-evaluate your morals. You’re not going to get her back but you might be able to prevent the same mistake from happening again in the future.

  10. bettie04 said:

    Not serious enough for you to go running off to your ex.

    Later pal. I wouldn’t waste my time on you anymore.


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