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what is the difference between ectopic pregnancy and threatened abortion?

i was 2 weeks pregnant and experienced vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain with a positive pregnancy test. The doctor told me it was threatened abortion and the nurses were adamant it was ectopic pregnancy. A week later the bleeding stopped and experienced no pains. The pregnancy test was also negative and the following months i had regular menses. Am i infertile.

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6 Responses to “what is the difference between ectopic pregnancy and threatened abortion?”

  1. snowbarbie said:

    Ectopic Pregnancy is when the pregnancy is not in the uterus where it should be – for example in a Fallopian tube. The is dangerous and will rupture and the baby will not survive.

    (there have been rare cases of babies growing and surviving in the abdominal cavity, but those are really rare)

    A threatened abortion is when a woman is experiencing bleeding and cramping, as you did.

    If you had a negative pregnancy test, it looks like you actually did abort the baby and are no longer pregnant.

    No, you are not infertile, you will be able to become pregnant again.

    Sorry, I hope things work out for you.

  2. mms1575 said:

    Surely you don’t have an ectopic pregnancy – that requires EMERGENCY surgery. It’s where the baby grows in the fallopian tube rather than your uterus. A “threatened abortion” is a doctor’s term for miscarriage. So sorry you lost your baby. No sweetie, chances are you are still very fertile and can babies.

  3. Eyes of Green said:

    threatened abortion is a miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy is the fertilized egg in in your fallopian tube and has never made it to the uterus and is extremely dangerous and the baby grows it stretches the fallopian tube until it ruptures.

  4. sovereign_carrie said:

    An ectopic pregnancy is where the fetus implants in the fallopian tubes. I strongly doubt that it was an ectopic pregnancy. If there was no ultrasound to confirm, then it’s really impossible to tell if it was an ectopic pregnancy. This would cause excruciatingly severe pain for most women.

    What probably occurred is a hormonal pregnancy – You were pregnant, then due to whatever defect with the fetus, your body expelled it. This is perfectly normal. If this is the first time you’ve ever been pregnant, over half of all first pregnancies end in miscarriage. Your body is figuring it out. I’ve had this occur 3 times. Each time you have a natural miscarriage, your risk of miscarrying is lower. Miscarrying twice in a row is fairly uncommon, I just had exceptionally bad luck.

  5. colorlessblueideas said:

    ectopic pregnancy is when the embryo settles on the wrong place, on the tunnels that exist between the ovaries and the womb (sorry, i don’t know the word in english). the womb is the right place for an embryo to settle and develop, and these tunnels aren’t done to carry a baby, so it’s a dangerous situation. sometimes it’s possible, but it’s a dangerous pregnancy and spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) is common. threatened acortion is when you’re pregnant and, for some reason, your body starts to abort the embryo and stops the process, going on with the pregnancy. it this case, there is a higher chance that it could happen again and complete the process next time, resulting in a miscarriage as well. when a woman has a threatened abortion she has to take a lot of care for all the rest of the pregnancy. a threatened abortion can happen for many many reasons, one of them, ectopic pregnancy.
    neither of the situations mean you’re infertile. they mean something went wrong, and you should talk to your doctor and ask him to explain what happened and how to avoid it next time.

  6. dixiefrogs said:

    If you had an ectopic pregnancy then they would have done surgery. A threatened abortion is where there is a threat of losing the baby. The doctor usually puts you on bedrest until the threat has passed. But if you took another test and it came back negative and your having regular periods then it looks as though you had a miscarriage. But no you aren’t infertile. Lots of women have miscarriages and go on to have a healthy pregancy. Good Luck.


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