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How to tell the difference between comfort sucking and being hungry?

Any way to tell? Overfeeding colicky baby apparently. He’s breastfed by the way.

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5 Responses to “How to tell the difference between comfort sucking and being hungry?”

  1. ping said :

    comfort sucking is very short sucks where the chin barely moves. If the baby is hungry it will take deep sucks the ears will move and the chin will drop down. There is a pattern normally. My boy does 2 small sucks and then a big sallow suck

  2. blue1179 said :

    can’t really overfeed a breastfed baby. give him a paci. if he is calmed by it then good times. if he is sucking really hard and making gulping noised, feed him. how old is he? if he is a newborn, he should be eating every two hours or so anyway. i know you might not want to give him a paci cause you’re afraid he won’t nurse but if he has a strong need to suck, you don’t want your breast to be the paci. that is a bad habit to start. good luck with him.

  3. ? said :

    This is a tough one. My daughter was colicky and I was overfeeding her at night because she would scream to nurse. I kept feeding her and she kept getting sicker because she was eating to much. What I finally started doing was feeding her from one side when she was fussy. Her colic kicked in around 7pm. I’d just feed her from one side starting at 7 and not switch until her ‘colic episode’ passed several hours later. She’d demand to nurse every half hour and if I kept her on one side the breast would finally empty and she wouldn’t get flooded with all the milk. Once I started with the one side feedings at night I noticed she wasn’t as fussy. Try it with your little one and see if it helps.

    My daughter was a big time comfort sucker and I could usually tell by the way she nursed. Her suck totally changed. Her comfort sucking was slower and not as strong, still is actually. After about three months the colic finally passed and she’s now the happiest baby ever. She smiles and laughs all the time and hardly ever cries. I guess I already paid my dues with the crying and this is my prize. Hang in there with the colic. It’s there one day and gone the next. I’ve been there and I know it’s no picnic.

  4. kat said :

    Well… you can’t really overfeed a breastfed baby. When they are suckling, they are actually eating and getting a lot of milk… When they are comfort sucking, they are barely extracting any milk… it’s just a difference in the way the are sucking. I doubt you are overfeeding, but maybe something that you are eating is causing the colic? Maybe check your diet and try cutting some things out… dairy is a good example. See if that helps. Good luck!

  5. lucy said :

    overfeeding causes colick?

    The time you can bond in such a way is short.. is there anything wrong if the comfort suckling? You should be comforted in knowing that you are the ONLY person in the entire world who can comfort him in such a way.



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