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Whats the difference between dating and being together?

I am in high school so a teen answer would be helpful. I don’t know if i am together with my girlfriend or dating. A friend told me together is before dating but i think the opposite. Help me I am confused.

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3 Responses to “Whats the difference between dating and being together?”

  1. ablainke824 said :

    Hey, im a teen to, it took me a little figure this out too, but like being together is kind of the stage before you start dating its the transition from being more then friends but not going to far to dating yet

  2. lax0001 said :

    dating is like… you go on dates, but nothing ever really happens.

    being together is like going steady. you are boyfriend and girlfriend.

  3. Jaali said :

    I’m not a teen, but I still find this confusing. The best way to find out is to talk to your girlfriend and figure out together what stage you’re at. Otherwise, you might decide on your own that you’re in one place, only to find out that she’s decided something else on her own.


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