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Whats The Difference Between Loving Someone And Being In Love?

I was reading a old notebook and found this

“I know he loves me but i dont think hes IN love with me”

please tell me the difference

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12 Responses to “Whats The Difference Between Loving Someone And Being In Love?”

  1. Oompa Loompa! said :

    You know how you love your friends or sister? That is ‘love’

    But you can’t really explain ‘in love’

  2. jadell said :

    you can always love them (like friends family) but are u in love wit them no i hope not:P

  3. rraacchh2 said :

    Loving someone is when you really care about them and love them but like a brother or sister or like you wouldn’t want to marry them.

    “IN LOVE” is when you’d do anything for that person and you know they’re the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and theires nothing mroe importatn in your life

  4. kelly c said :

    i love my best guy friend like no other, but ill never have an intimate relationship love with him.

  5. Country Fireflies said :

    Loving someone is like when you really care for them, like you would a family member

    But being in love with someone is different. It’s that butterflies in your stomach, I can’t stop thinking about them, can’t stop smiling feeling. It’s when you realize that you’d give up your every dream and wish to be with them, when all you want is them.

  6. Killerkat9793 said :

    In some cases, IN love is considered very selfish, and loving someone, and they love you back is unselfish. But, in this case, it basically means that he loves them, but does not want to pursue them romantically/does kind of want to pursue them romantically but not at the risk of hurting himself/them.

  7. em. said :

    when you love someone you love them they are there for you when you need them and you care for them when your in love you will know you will want to spend every waking minute with that person and they make you truely happy

  8. Janada said :

    You love ever body but, begin in love is when you have a personal love that is between you and your lover and not for no one esle.

  9. Sephenie said :

    If you’ve ever read Twilight, Bella and Edward are a good example of what being IN love is.
    Loving someone is more of a ‘i really care about you’ kind of deal. Whereas IN love is more like ‘i just can’t live without you. you are my everything.’

  10. careless_angel said :

    when you love someone…you are happy to be around like their personality alot..they sorta make your day..and that person is a great friend..

    but when you are in love…you are happy to be with that person and around them…you love everything about them flaws and all..and you think that person can do no wrong..just thinking about that person and how much you love him/her..makes you cry…your heart drops whenever you see would give anything to make them happy.

  11. rosebabi478 said :

    Love is when you love them but wouldn’t spend forever with them.
    In love is when you love that person enough that you can’t live without them.

  12. tatiana.krasikovaq said :


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