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How do you tell the difference between diarreah and runny poop in a 8 wk old baby?

My son had a very runny diaper this morning. It was runnier than it had been in the past but I don’t know if you would consider it diarreah. How can I tell? I called the doctor and the nurse I spoke with asked if he threw up. He has been spitting up a lot but I don’t know if that is throw up. How can you tell what is what?

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5 Responses to “How do you tell the difference between diarreah and runny poop in a 8 wk old baby?”

  1. Sjean said :

    The frequency of bowel movements.

  2. The Cats Meow said :

    If your baby has diarrhea and is truly sick, it will smell horrible! Not that any poop smells great, but a sick poop has a different smell – almost a sour smell. Have you noticed any change in the odor at all?

    There is a virus going around where I live and a lot of babies and children are getting it, however, if he isn’t throwing up, then I’d say it’s not the virus. Believe me, you will know when he throws up, too!

    If you are still concerned, watch him for a few hours, and see if you notice any changes in his eating and sleeping, that is a sure sign that something is wrong.

    Good luck with your little one!

  3. Sunshine said :

    diarrhea in infants is difficult to tell sometimes, usually it is very very watery and basically gets sucked up in the diaper and you just see color because it was so watery. And throw up, if it is throw up as opposed to spit up, is projected (forced out of the stomach) where as spit up just kind of trickles out of the mouth usually with a burp or after eating and sitting up. Good luck!

  4. mommy2one1ontheway said :

    nursed or a formula fed baby? If you nurse the poop will be runny consistently I think formula fed babies are more sticky…It could be the formula too…but I am with the lady who said it would smell horrible if he was sick you can really tell a difference when it is a normal and a sick poop the smell is ghastly!!

  5. Proud mom! said :

    Diarrhea is Truly a consistency of water and sometimes has a bad smell. Otherwise its considered a soft BM. Also throwing up is different then spitting up. Think of how you throw up (kind of projectile) right? Well that’s how it will be with your little one as well. If not projectile it would have to be a great amount to be considered vomit. Hope this helps and if your worried contact your doctor again.


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