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GIrls: What if your date doesn’t believe in valentines?

When it was Valentines and your bf did not buy you anything or even dinner? He treated it like any normal day?

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2 Responses to “GIrls: What if your date doesn’t believe in valentines?”

  1. BabeHeart said:

    As long as there were days and ways he showed his appreciation and affection/love/fondness (whatever the case may be), I’d be fine. That’s actually better anyway, when done “just because” rather than because you feel obligated by a date on the calendar (Feb 14).

  2. music saves lives said:

    lucky you. mine remembered the night before and sped down the backroads at around 11 to get me a cute snoopy with a small 3 chocolate heart box when it had only been a month. i didn’t rly want anything, but i did like it.


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