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do girls think the movies and dinner is too played out?

i really do not like to go to the movies all the time but it is the casual date, i really like to go out and do something fun like go carts amusement parks and fun things like that as a date would that be more fun then the movies.

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15 Responses to “do girls think the movies and dinner is too played out?”

  1. .Jezebelle. said:

    Yes, it’s mad traditional. Dudes need to take girls to thinks that interest their girl specifially

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  2. ugogo said:

    yeah then do the amusement parks. movies are too common.
    be different.

  3. bungeejumper400 said:

    really anything would be ok. there are some days when you wanna just go out and have a blast and some days when you feel mellow and just want to go to a movie. Ask your date what she feels like doing that night

  4. Livv said:

    personally i would rather go go-carting then to the movies

  5. ****Star101**** said:

    Well you and your girlfriend could hang out at each others houses or hang out at the mall. Or go out to eat to a nice place. Or go to the city and wonder the city.

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  6. โ˜†Starโ˜† said:

    yeah that’s ok do something fun…. i mean i dont mind a movie though but you won’t have a chance to talk or anything

  7. Lindsey said:

    im with you i’d rather go to an amusement park !

  8. bananas said:

    i don’t think movies and dinner is bad for a first date
    but after, you should do something more exciting for your gf

  9. Nicole said:

    Going to the movies doesn’t allow you to get to know the other person well, plus it’s not fun.

  10. miranda said:

    yes it would be a lot more fun. Movies are great and everything but you can’t really talk that much… now if that is what you are after then the movies work.

  11. Shirly S said:

    yea anythinq is better than that; i mean its kinda playd out; but like if thers notin else for you guys to do than; movies and dinner is good; and what about yu 2 go to one of your places and watch a movie and hang out; chill you know? go skatin; b creative;…

  12. JoJo said:

    i would totally rather go to amusement parks instead of the movies. whenever a guy ask me to go to the movies i just think he wants a excuse to make out in the dark. a date at a amusement park would be so much more fun and relaxing. of course im not saying i don’t like to make out cuz i really do

  13. So Wrong It's Right said:

    Depends on the girl you’re with and if she likes those things, but personally I say yes.
    The beach is always good too

  14. Helpful? said:

    Definitely take her to an amusement park or something more fun like that, its original and fun and she’ll definitely remember your date. BUT if shes kinda shy and low key you might want to stick with the movie and dinner.

  15. Panda Bananna said:

    You could do a movie and dinner but, try to stretch it out if you have to do movies and dinner. But i’m sure you can do better.


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