What SONG makes you sad and reminds you of your EX?

I just heard beauty and the beasts song “tale as old as time” and started bawling

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3 Responses to “What SONG makes you sad and reminds you of your EX?”

  1. I don't care said:

    I Miss You – Blink 182


    I seriously can’t listen to it without breaking down… which is why I turn it off everytime it comes on.

  2. Charl said:

    Hope it gives you hell – AAR

    It doesn’t make me cry, I moved on.

  3. Bob Marley said:

    Well since my heartbreak just happened on sunday, the few breakup songs out right now make me think of her soo much like

    Just a Dream – Nelly

    It sucks soooo much. Everything reminds me of her right now!


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