Is playing a song on the piano for a girl a good Valentines day gift?

I just started seeing this girl and she has agreed to be my Valentine. 😀 I play the piano and sing (fairly well), but she’s never heard me. Would playing Elton John’s “Your Song” be a good idea for a valentine’s day gift? Or would you think that playing a song for a girl is cheesy? After dinner, of course.

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7 Responses to “Is playing a song on the piano for a girl a good Valentines day gift?”

  1. Cheryl said:

    That’d be cute. I love when guys do cheesy things 🙂

  2. adsflkjl said:

    most deff.!

  3. Bethy said:

    it’s so much more personal then dinner!
    do it!
    good luck! <3

  4. Dyamond Girl said:


    What a fabulous thing for you to do.

    If you get her a card but you don’t want to overstep the mark you could write this:

    Statistics show that 90% of all Valentine’s Day couples will have sex………..
    The other 10% get a card, and a song on a piano

    That way you are still retaining the mystery as well as the dignity on both sides sounding like there are no expectations, and just see what unfolds when the Valentine’s Day “pressure” is off.


  5. LJ said:

    If you take her to dinner too, I think it’ll be really romantic!

    You might want to get some flowers, just to complete it! But it’s a great idea!

  6. Agnes Nitt said:

    Personally I wouldn’t find it cheesy at all, I think it’s a lovely idea, very romantic.

  7. sparkle said:

    aaawwww that is so sweet, she’ll love it.


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