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Should I get my ex a valentines gift?

My girlfriend said she wasnt happy anymore but said she still loves me and always will and said maybe it will work out later. And she also said she was always here for me no matter what. Need help because i truely love this girl and just want to eventually get her back.

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8 Responses to “Should I get my ex a valentines gift?”

  1. Jose F said:


  2. Stilldoll said:

    why don’t you just offer to take her out to dinner tomorrow? Nothing fancy, just to a take away or something, or a nice night in watching a film or something? Any girl would love that 🙂

  3. Vincent Evangelista said:

    Sure, just don’t give her anything too personal or intimate. You don’t want her to think your really desperate or something. Just give her something that will make her think of you, and nothing more.

  4. Ryroan said:

    well if shes your ex why? She Left you

  5. Ft Bletsas said:

    If you love her tell her! That would be the best gift.

  6. T said:

    so in other words she dumped you and was nice about it…..give her 10 points…and move on…

  7. A♥ said:


  8. kittykat said:

    but nothing to big just like a rose and candy just to show you care she was there


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