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Went on one date with a guy going on our second this week should i expect a gift on valentines day?

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16 Responses to “Went on one date with a guy going on our second this week should i expect a gift on valentines day?”

  1. Elle said:

    Yes, I’d expect to get one if it was me.

  2. ♥r g!rL said:

    If he is really into you, then he will make it his business to get you a nice Valentines Day gift!

  3. G S said:

    If it’s that new into the relationship I wouldn’t expect a gift, but I would expect dinner or a nice evening together.

    You may want to ask him if he would like to exchange gifts. He won’t be offended and it will also give you the chance to get him a gift if need be.

  4. CarinaPapa said:

    Probably nothing significant – just a card or a single flower. If he gives you a load of flowers or a lot of candy (or sexy underwear), I’d put some distance (but FAST) between you and he. That kind of overblown enthusiasm is an indication he’s overly needy or has unbalanced expectations of you.

  5. KJR said:

    My friend started going out with a guy the day before valentines day, and he got her a box of chocolates.

  6. colleencuzzone said:

    Well, one date does not a Valentine make! I would definitely wish him a Happy Valentine’s Day and maybe have a special greeting card waiting just in case. Nothing too overpowering, just a greeting. If your second date goes very well, you might want to pick up a small gift for him such as a book or gift card.

  7. USCfemme10 said:

    Well it depends how the second date goes, and if you go on another one (3rd) before V-day.

    The sure fire way to know if he’s into you, is if he asks you out ON valentines day!

    If he’s interested, and planning on doing something/getting something for you on vday, he’ll want to hang out on that day.

    If he doesn’t ask you out on valentines day, then don’t expect anything, because that most likely means he’s avoiding it on purpose!

  8. Cindy said:

    maybe.. if his really into you… or you can ask him if you like to exchange gifts 😀

  9. Yoyo said:

    Its best not to expect anything so that if you dont get anything you wont be let down.

  10. Michael G said:

    Yea, nothing big….a little heart shape box of chocolate or w/e

    if he gets you nothing well then….wow, what a loser?

  11. mollycoddlexx3 said:

    probably. get him one too just incase. but dont give it to him right away, wait until he gives you your present(if there is one) and then give him his. if you just give it to him, and he doesn’t have one for you, that’ll make him feel terrible.

  12. teendream18 said:

    Here is to make sure you do get one;

    My grandma always told us this trick they used to do on men in the old days when she was a teenager.

    First of all, the girl must go commando on the day that she plans her action.
    She should wear a flair type skirt and a pretty blouse….
    Once she has his attention, she must squat on one knee as if to tie a shoe lace, and allow him to “accidentally” see that she is going commando.
    She must not let him look for long enough that he can actually see clearly, but keep him guessing if he had seen what he had actually seen.
    She says that this uncertainty sparks a man’s interest and keeps them pursuing the girl until she gives in.

  13. Jman86 said:

    Well, kind of. Its okay if the guy doesn’t get you anything…as long as he says something on that day… Spends a little extra time with you. Shows that he appreciates you. Maybe signs of affection would be more meaningful. Good luck.

  14. Padma said:

    Depending how the next date goes; but only a small token at this VERY EARLY stage.

  15. Abby F said:

    i wouldnt expect one, but maybe you could go on a date on valentines n buy something while your out?


  16. paradigm said:

    It’s best not to expect anything. That way you’ll be pleasantly surprised if he gets you one but you won’t be disappointed if he doesn’t!
    That’s all I got. =D


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