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Should I get my 14 year old boyfriend a valentines gift?

I don’t really know if I should get him a gift, I’m thinking he may get me one ? Maybe not , but should I get him something ??
If so , what ? What would a 14 year old boy want ? And don’t say sex cause we all already know that LOL

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5 Responses to “Should I get my 14 year old boyfriend a valentines gift?”

  1. Kerrrrrri C said:

    if hes 14 probably besides sex or money the answer is no. dont give him a million dollars he wants you not a sugar momma. Just spend the day with him go to a movie.

  2. pipman23 said:

    herbal remedies and a Bob Marley shirt

  3. Tara C said:

    a puppy lol

  4. live-laugh-love said:

    i have the same problem and my bf is 14 too. idk wat u should do. sorry.

  5. Sarah S said:

    u could get him a stuff animal like a bear it doesnt matter wat u get its the thought that counts


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