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Is this a good Valentines Day gift for my boyfriend of 1 year?

My boyfriend like to run and workout a lot, so I was thinking maybe I will get him that Nike + Ipod thing. The only thing is we promised not to spend a lot of money on each other because we are only 18 and dont have an endless supply of $$$. The only problem is, I think he would need to buy specific nike shoes if I get him that. Is it still a good gift if he would need to buy new shoes?
Sorry, I didnt mean to write “the only problem is” twice

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12 Responses to “Is this a good Valentines Day gift for my boyfriend of 1 year?”

  1. City T said:

    Ask a girl friend to join you in bed… and I am serious… he will love that

  2. priya said:

    no its not such a problem….i think ur bf shud b happy that u actually care for him so much…i think its a damn gud idea dear…..anyways best of luck

  3. Evanovich said:

    Take it from me girly, the only thing he wants for valentines day is poon.

    spending that kind of money on Vday is a lil overboard.

  4. Zaakari S said:

    ya of course its the thought that counts:-) dont worry bout it he will like it plus that would be a perfect gift for a guy that works out and runs alot..hope that helped

  5. Tigran G said:

    Shoes are a good gift, but they aren’t really Valentinish…
    Except for that, it’s a good gift to give to a boy (he’ll use it :P)

  6. Bigbilly147 said:

    That’s great i am the same but if they say don’t spend to much lol well that a hnt lol i buyed iphone for my gf and she got my a ipod Touch and nike shoes Just make sure u get the right size i am a 16 and she got me 14 lol she did try lol

  7. Mummy.2.1 said:

    This year my husband and I are celebrating our 10th Valentines day together! I will be making him a meal, Ive wrote a poem and got it framed, and we will sit down with a nice glass of wine or something and enjoy time together.

    I personally think handmade gifts are more personal, if he already has a portable cd player or something, why not make him a mixed cd?

  8. badass60617 said:

    gift card running shoes are something he has to go in and check out many people dont like nike running shoes…..theres better running brands out there…….. But valentines day is about bein together not buying eachother gifts like that , on valentines ull should only be giveing love or things that mean love not a pair of shoes…..go out take a trip or just be with him and satisfy eachother……flowers maybe a charm sayin i love u , or something that just lets the person feel loved……pair of shoes is a pair of shoes… meaning in it….

  9. Anjuynia said:

    I think it is a very sweet and thoughtful gift, just make sure that it is not too expensive for you. If you feel like you can afford the extra money go for it, or save the idea for his birthday when maybe an extravagant gift wouldn’t be such a big deal.

  10. livi said:

    he has to get the livestrong shoes

  11. anne q said:

    I think that is an awesome gift! My boyfriend is into sports too and I found a great page (listed below) that is filled with great Valentine’s gifts for guys who are into sports!

  12. Diane said:

    Sounds like a nice gift, but if he has to buy the shoes and the shoes are expensive, I would probably opt for something else


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