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What valentines day gift should I get my boyfriend?

Valentine’s day is coming up and I have the same question as everyone else, what should I get my boyfriend? He’s 17 and I’m 15, we’ll have been going out about 5 months by then and we really care for each other. I always end up getting him goofy presents and I want to get something serious, but I don’t like the whole watch idea everyone has, any suggestions?

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5 Responses to “What valentines day gift should I get my boyfriend?”

  1. splash said:

    What does he like or his hobbies. This will give you some ideas. In general , you can get him a cool hat , sunglasses, nice ring, wallet, jacket or t-shirt, music cds, books, ear or headphones.

  2. Apple said:

    Running shoes, watch, T-shirt…
    ipod, mp4, headphones,cell phone, perfume…
    Valentine card with Love Poem( you write it with your own words)

    Find more Valentine Gift ideas at amazon:

    or make the Valentine card with Love Poem and i think it will make his heart happy.

  3. lynnashwood said:

    I think you should get him something funny and something serious

    present ideas:
    make dinner/dessert
    make breakfast
    if you have nicknames for each other, get something that has to do with the nickname (like for example, if you call him honey bun, get him one of those honey bun snack things, or if you call him snuggle bear, get him a teddy bear…etc) (this one could be funny and cute)

    also, get ideas from your guys friends…ask them what they would want or what girls have gotten them

  4. Connie N said:

    This is my favorite gift idea this year for Valentines day… it’s a personalized novel. You and your boyfriends names wil be used through out the book as the lead characters. Some of the novels are more romantic than others (they have different ones to choose from) but all are VERY cool! It is so unique and unexpected.

  5. Lea said:

    I would suggest you get one of the things on this site I know, they have the most unique and helpful thing as a gift.


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