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Do you think this is a cute valentines day gift for my boyfriend?

My boyfriend loves music, and he plays guitar. I was thinking about getting a guitar pick engraved with our names on it or something like that.
And maybe put it on a chain like as a necklace.
Is that a good idea? Or is it cheesy or something?

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44 Responses to “Do you think this is a cute valentines day gift for my boyfriend?”

  1. Scream Your Secrets said:

    thats awesome

  2. β™₯Kelliβ™₯ said:

    That sounds like an awesome idea!

  3. doeboy13 said:

    that sounds good to me.

  4. Destiny..... said:

    I think that’s actually a really good idea.

  5. jayleen said:

    thats really cute

  6. Erin M said:

    Totally unique and original! I think he’ll definitely love it and appreciate it!

  7. Mr. Taco said:

    Cheesy, yes… but still a good idea.

  8. :D haha said:

    Yeah that;s great!

  9. Char said:

    Yerr its a nice idea but will he like the pink?

  10. nikki2429 said:

    if he likes playing guitar’s im sure he will like it

  11. alimarjo said:

    That would be sweet…not the whole necklace thing though…Maybe just the engraved names/initials on the pick(s). I’d get him something else too though. =o)

  12. Chantel S said:

    omg thats super sexxy

  13. Jeffrey C said:

    A nice BJ would be nice “bicycle journey”

  14. Lena said:

    that sounds really cute πŸ™‚

  15. Terri J said:


  16. Brooke said:

    No that’s an awesome idea. You incorporated what he loves into your relationship, and included you in it. I don’t know him but I’m sure he’l love it.

  17. Mali W said:

    write him a nice note, telling him how much you love him and sure, the pick may be a good idea, kinda cheesy, but he’ll appreciate it.

  18. teehee:hi:teehee said:

    I think that’s a great idea. It might be cheesy but it’s cute. Now he’ll always be able to play his guitar with a pick you got him.

  19. Francesca Z said:

    hey,that’s sweet!if he loves you he’ll love it!:-)good luck!

  20. mollsjean19 said:

    i think thats really cute

  21. first_ranger said:

    thats kool

  22. e_oliverr said:

    no, thats not cheesy at all, because, he plays guitar, and it has the girl he likes on that name, I think he will like it.

  23. alyjones1990 said:

    I love it! You should definetely do that!

  24. Jake V said:

    i wish my girlfriend would get that, thats awesome πŸ™‚

  25. BMW-Metal-420 said:

    thats cute, Im a guy and I would think that a little chessy but from my GF i would sport it.

  26. jobrooohoe said:

    i think thats so cute! but i think it maybe cuter if you just exnay on the necklace just because i think hell love it if he has a pick that reminds him of you when he plays πŸ™‚

  27. fala said:

    Thats sweet.. do that for him

  28. sally b said:

    that is a good idea.

  29. barbiedoll8436 said:

    Best thing you could give a guy your serious about ! (:

  30. sharkloverlive said:

    its fabulous! go for it!!

  31. lost said:

    soooooooo cute!

  32. Devious Wifey said:

    that idea is great.. how freaking cute.. do it..

  33. Mallory C said:

    thas sounds really awesome!! He will love it!!

  34. Shannon!!<3 said:

    Oh My Gosh that is so adorable! I think it is a great idea for his gift. He will Love it!
    i think you should do it!
    good idea!

  35. o_0 Misty said:

    Awww yeah that sounds really nice.. my boyfriend plays guitar aswell..i kno he’d like that lol aswell lol..=] well done lol

  36. Rachel said:

    that is not cheesy! my boyfriend that i met my sophomore year in highschool did that for me. he engraved our nameson his fav guitar pick and put it on a necklace. needless to say hes a sweetheart and we’ve been married for 4 years now.

  37. ihatecanada4ever said:

    It’s still a little early to be thinking about irrelevant shit like that. Why don’t you do something productive that either helps yourself or another person in someway rather than thinking about what sort of cheap gimmiky shit you can give you boyfriend(i’m assuming black or just stupid if he wants a necklace) to throw away after he pumps you and dumps you

  38. Anna said:

    That’s a very unique idea. Don’t put it on a chain, if you think he’ll actually use it to play guitar.

  39. Jen said:

    That sounds great, very thoughtful…guys like thoughtful things too.

    I just told my boyfriend about this, and he said it was a good idea…he would enjoy something like that if he played guitar…so we both think its a winner! =]

    Good luck, and happy valentines day.

  40. jerandy m said:

    he is going to love it as i do and were in the same position love it great idea wow.

    im a do the same thing to my girl friend

  41. baltopia said:

    I am a guitar player – I have played for a LONG time. That doesn’t sound like a very functional gift. Picks get lost all the time, so you would definitely have to go with a chain. Once it’s on a chain, he will probably never use that pick to play if that’s what you were thinking.

    It’s a cute idea purely from a symbolic perspective though. I would dig it for the sentimental value. It’s just not going to be used for his playing at all.

  42. cuteeestuff said:

    totally unique and specialllll<3

  43. Nerdy, Vampiric, Little Eskimo said:

    Awesome idea:)

    If you want, you could even get three picks (like pewter ones, that you don’t actually use to play with) and on the first one get your initial of your first name engraved, then the next get a love heart β™₯ engraved (or an ‘&’ sign. Then the last, get his initial of his first name engraved. Put them all on a chain in that order:).

    Cheesy, but who said cheesy wasn’t good?

  44. Bear-tan said:

    That is extremely creative. And he can think of you when he plays. =)


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