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Ow can I get the magic between me and my boyfriend back ?

I want the magic to come back what can I do for it to come back any cute little things I can make him to show him I love him any ideas just tell me even if they are stupid thanks x

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5 Responses to “Ow can I get the magic between me and my boyfriend back ?”

  1. Jody said:

    Home made cookies with nuts and chocolate chips and real butter (Nestle’s tollhouse is a good recipe).

    A homemade meal like chicken or roast beef with mashed potatoes and gravy.

    A homemade pie.

    Balloons – CVS pharmacies sell and inflate them.

    Mail him a greeting card secretly.

  2. Natiix3 said:

    hmm well you cant mmake him something, act real flirty and sexy with him, and just talk to him showing you care see how he would respond.

  3. Jane said:

    *Leave little notes around the house,his car,wallet……with sweet reminders.

    *Buy a fruit platter from Wal Mart and some whip cream and put on some sexy lingerie.From there I’m sure u can improvise.

    *Plan a weekend get a way,even if it’s to the hotel 3 blocks away.(My husband and I do this once a month….great vacation.

    But most importantly u have 2 decide what made him fall in love with u.Was it those tight skirts?The perfume you wore?Your hair?Often in a relationship,we get comfortable after a while and stop doing the things we used to b cuz we have found someone and we feel that the need to do all that “extra” stuff is a waste of time.In the end,it’ll be more than worth it!

  4. HIREN K said:

    ok listen carefully dear
    there is no any magic happens ever….
    dont ever tell him that u love him it will mess out things….

    just say “sorry for what happend”
    thats it and if he is intrested then surely will come to u

    believe me this is real thing

  5. blackman_in_your_bed_again_2008 said:

    if you can cook, cook him a romantic dinner for two, feed each other


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