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How come the school won’t let my boyfriend back?

He got kicked out of my school a few months ago.
A little after second semester they kicked him out and sent him to a new school.

the dean told him that he’d be able to come back at 1st semester next year.

but today he got a call from their new dean telling him that he can’t come back till second semester.

he went and told them that the old dean said he could come back for 1st semester.
but they won’t listen to him.

what can i do!?
and should he be able to come back?
he stole a peanut butter sanddwich

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3 Responses to “How come the school won’t let my boyfriend back?”

  1. DISCOVERI said:

    It depends on what he did. The only thing you can do is to be supportive of him and try to get him to focus on school work.

  2. child of god said:

    that depends on what he did to get kicked kicked out, i notice you left that part out, no , you cant do anything, because you arent in charge.

  3. (¯`·._.·[M®§ Gî¿¿€ñ]·._.·´¯) said:

    I also noticed that you left the part out about what he did. Obviously it was something pretty bad that you fail to mention it. If they won’t let him back, it’s probably for a good reason because he would probably be endangering the well fare of other students. If something happen to another student, and he was the cause, the school could be sued because they were the ones that let him back in, in the first place. Maybe you should tell your boyfriend to behave like a normal person in society.


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