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does my boyfriend want his ex girlfriend back?

his ex girlfriend that cheated on him is still living with him she’s been living with him for 2 years now and when she’s around him he acts so diffrent then when were together just me and him and when there talking on the phone at the end of there conversation he says i love you then you know she says it back could that mean that he means it as a friend way or does he still want to get back with her or what? then he calls her sweetie or babe what could this mean does he want her back?

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4 Responses to “does my boyfriend want his ex girlfriend back?”

  1. Angela said:

    What hes doing is a big no-no.

    He may not be actually cheating on you physically but emotionally yes.

    You need to address him with this, and ask him what he wants.

  2. Mu1 said:

    he still lives with his ex?? Why are you waiting to kick his ass into touch! good God woman…you are worth more than that!

  3. angiepoooh said:

    Does he want her back? He has NEVER left her/she never left him come on they still live together-sleep together etc. dump him ASAP don’t let this loser suck you in anymore.

  4. vickie said:

    Id have to say If i were in this position i would of left him the first time I found out about all of this. And the reason he keeps doing this is because you let him. Hes taking advantage of the situation. There is no way that him and his ex arent at least messing around when you are not there, seeing as they’ve been together living in the same place for two years. I know i’d be tempted if i were him. And you hear him call her babe and sweetie and he tells her i love you ?? BIG NO NO! He is no good and hes going to keep doing this because he sees that you let him and havent left him yet. So he thinks its ok. Talk to him and tell him straight up that this isnt fair on you and you wont put up with this if he plans on staying with you. Put your foot down girl or its not going to change only turn into worse things.


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