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Ideas for a greeting card for Valentine’s?

I’m trying to think of a unique design for a Valentine’s Day card. Something original and not cliche, and maybe a bit symbolic. ūüėÄ If anyone has any ideas, please tell me. ^-^

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One Response to “Ideas for a greeting card for Valentine’s?”

  1. lolalolacherrycola said:

    The celebration of Valentine’s Day Around the World is filled with fun and frivolity. In United States, there are amazing contests and games planned specially for this very day. The sale of flowers and cards reach an acme of profit in this particular part of the year. Mystic and groovy cupid’s garden is created for the love birds. There are even virtual games and

    flowers for the souls who are separated by the pondering azure sky and cruel obligations.

    it has turned out to be a spiritual festival. Cupid journeys on the eve of Valentine‚Äôs Day Around the World. He showers the blessing of love and affection on each couple. With his magic wand he takes all of them to his magic land. He casts the spell on each one of them. The celebration of Valentine‚Äôs Day is historically rooted in the soils of Europe. It all started with the ‚Äúfeast of lupercalia‚ÄĚ and the propagation of clandestine marriages during the reign of Claudius II. On Valentine‚Äôs Day Around the World life takes the shape of blooming heart. People go out on a date, watch romantic movies, have romantic dinners and listen to the songs of heart. People often send love notes and gifts along with flowers to their Lancelot. Shallots are showered with love and affection on this particular day of cupid. Couples love to stay back at home and read the stories of cupid and psyche. Valentine‚Äôs Day Around the World is celebrated with heart shaped candles and chocolates.

    In the oriental societies, the celebration of Valentine’s Day is gaining recognition and popularity. It is celebrated in the same manner as it is celebrated in the American and European heartland. It is a world wide celebration which is not restricted to a particular political boundary.

    They Deserve It provides us all information on Valentine’s Day Around the World.

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