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Valentines day card ideas ( homemade ) for my friends?

Hey! I really need valentine day card ideas. It needs to be unique and out of this world cards, something that grabs peoples attention any of you have any ideas, steps really good websites?

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5 Responses to “Valentines day card ideas ( homemade ) for my friends?”

  1. Gsd A said:

    poop in a box and write “guess who?” on it.

  2. devilchild said:

    Here our some sites for you to check out, i think the first one has the most interesting ideas, but it depends on how many cards you were planning on making. The third site is more of a blog, people just sent in their ideas for cards, but if you don’t find that helpful there are also some links to other sites. I hope you find some good ideas! If none of these ideas seem to hit the spot, go on to google and type in homemade valentines day cards, it should come up with a ton of sites. Good Luck!

  3. For the Love of Cats said:

    Construction paper, card stock, etc. Fold the card stock in half and put some time of hear on it. Classic.

  4. ashley said:


    its fun to make and fun to look at. just get a bunch of pictures of things they like from magazines, like their favorite sports team, their favorite past times, words that make you think of them, things in their favorite color and then glue them together in a decoupage collage.

  5. Claudia said:

    You should check out the site:

    If you go into the ‘dragz’ section, you can upload a photo (could use a group friend shot) and then add stuff to it such as decorative frames (lots of good V-day heart ones), graphical items and text..and then it lets you turn it into a printable greeting card, email it, or save it to you computer (great for uploading to Facebook, etc.)

    There is also a ‘cardz’ section that lets you choose from a ton of premade cards that you can customize with your own text/speech bubbles. One that would be good for friends that I saw is:

    The sites free and really easy to use–and the personal touch always means so much more!


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