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I want to MAKE a special Valentine’s Day card for my fiance. Any ideas?

I want it to be really special. I would also like to write something different than I have ever written.
Any nice ideas would be appreciated.
I have construction paper, glitter, yarn, glue, and die cuts, and paint. I’m not artistic, so I can’t paint a picture or anything.
Thank you for your help.

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4 Responses to “I want to MAKE a special Valentine’s Day card for my fiance. Any ideas?”

  1. Sal said:

    Uh, cards are men are only for Junior High. It would be better to make dinner or dress up.

  2. Sunny Joy said:

    well my first idea for the card would be hearts of course but then again dull and then you could say i love u but then Again dull so i would recommend buying a rose and taping it to the card like inside if not you could color it although you said you weren’t artistic so yea that’s mostly my idea get a rose and tape it inside the card and say thank you or you will always be my number one. 🙂 good bless

  3. Michael said:

    You could have a small custom drawing done of the two of you… like a 4″x6″ for $10.00 by an artist that i know. She does really great work. I have used her for gifts in the past and have always ended up with great results. Check out:

    This could be a great idea maybe?!

  4. Craig said:

    I found a good description of this on , I hope this helps.


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