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Are you signing your Valentines card from you and Bump?

May sound like an odd question but i have bought a valetines card which says “i love you very much” on the front and was going to sign it from me and Peanut (bump)

My friend says i shouldnt as it is too weird. I am 14 weeks pregnant and just thought it would be cute. I know valentines day is for you and your partner but peanut is a part of our life now and thought he would love the gesture

Any opinions mum’s to be?????

Thanks in advance to all that answer x

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9 Responses to “Are you signing your Valentines card from you and Bump?”

  1. Carrie S said:

    I ALWAYS sign cards with our baby tobe’s name as well as our other children’s. I think its super cute!

  2. MommyJenny25 said:

    I signed the cards I did while I was pregnant from me and the baby. 😉

  3. Johanna young mom of 2 said:

    I think that would be real cute to do and if your giving it to you partner than yeah why not

  4. loopster said:

    I think valentine’s day should be for just you and your partner. We have mother and fathers days for the kids. It’s nice to have a day just for the two of you. I’ve never and will never put my sons or bumps name in a valentines card. But the choice is yours so it’s up to you

  5. Hi... said:

    Hmm thanks for that idea,I didn’t think about that but I think that is a good idea,even if it is just for 2 people,it’s only another day when it comes down to it and it’s only a card with a name on it but I think it’s nice..Think I’m gonna do that too x

  6. tamtam said:

    I would keep it from you to your partner, so that it’s between the two of you. We talk about the baby all the time (I’m 31 weeks now) and pay the bump so much attention. Valentines day I am going to make it special just for us as a couple, when the baby comes it will never be just the two of us again. Maybe Xmas or his birthday I would sign it from the bump too, but valentines is about romance and romantic love, so no, just from me I think! But up to you of course. x

  7. lee said:

    I think its cute
    Or maybe u should just put his/her name if u think its wierd

  8. Zoe said:

    Awww peanut, that’s so adorable 😀
    Yes, I always did with my first. It was from me & Bump ’til we found out the sex then from me & Alfie haha. It’s not weird (: I’m sure he will love it too! xx

  9. Betty_Kate said:

    I think it’s adorable! Go for it 🙂


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