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How To Get My Girlfriend’s Trust Back?

I got my girlfriend back after we broke up, but now she says that she doesn’t trust me. She doesn’t give a clear reason for that, but I can feel it is because we used to kiss and she thinks i was using her. Any ideas on how to get her trust back?

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11 Responses to “How To Get My Girlfriend’s Trust Back?”

  1. Kaylie said:

    do sweet things for her.. with no motives of anything physical .. just do things that would make her happy and know you care.. flowers, candy etc

  2. Violet G said:

    You have to grow up and show her.

  3. freeflow said:

    stay with her 24 7 dont have roaming eyes and sign a notarized note, with a promise , and a big iou if you go back on your word,

  4. Ashton R said:

    wow. thats a horrible feeling. it guna be cerry hard. just be there for her when she needs you and do unexspected thing. things that you never done before that you know she likes. let her know how much you care for her.

  5. BAMdiNA said:

    she’s oviously hurt and doesnt feel like breaking the wall that shes built up for so long. When i say wall, it means the barrier thats keeping her from getting closer to you and getting hurt again.
    please respect her. she has every reason to be hurt.

  6. des said:

    It will take time but in the mean time dazzle her and show that you are really into her.

  7. Mooneh said:

    A good thing to know is what did you do that could have made her loose her trust in you? If you think she thinks that you were using her, prove that you are not using her and you really do love her. Do nice things for her, talk with her, be open.

  8. lexi<3 said:

    me and my boyfriend have kinda the same problem right now. he lost some of my trust but for different and personal reasons. hes always asking me the same question so im gonna tell you what i tell him.

    dont tell me your gonna do something and then do something different.

    dont lie to me no matter how stupid the truth is

    put your trust in me, be open with me about things you wouldnt be open about with different people

  9. BaristaBabe said:

    Trust is such a hard thing to build, yet such an easy thing to tear down. It will take time and life to build it up again. It will take patience and understanding on your part and forgiveness and openness on her part. There is no quick fix or band-aid that can mend broken trust. I urge you to listen to her, remind her of your commitment to her, be careful of how you talk and joke around her, and clean away any destructive habits you may have. It will just take time, my friend.

    Good luck!

  10. Inspirasian © said:

    don’t bother getting it back..because once you get it back, she will always remember before..

    but if the love is strong, than you should get her back.

  11. jennifer garcia said:

    well it seems to me lyk you a player and that is not right you need to stop messin aroud with other gurls. lyk yesturday i just broke up with a guy cuz well i gave him a chance and he goes and sleeps with some other gurls so yea i hate hoes


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