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What to write on the valentines flowers card to my ex girlfriend that im trying to get back?

we are talking or on speaking terms at least and am planning on sending her flowers for valentines day, not sure what i should write on the card. i dont want to be too forward but i also dont want it to act like im just sending them to her as a friend.

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6 Responses to “What to write on the valentines flowers card to my ex girlfriend that im trying to get back?”

  1. Yvonne K said:

    depends on who broke up with who and why yall broke up ??

    Just be honest with her tell her what you feel

    If you feel stupid that the relationship is over say it
    and say that you would love to start over and try it again 🙂

  2. Natalie said:

    hmm…this sounds like an awkward situation
    I would just write something like Have a lovely Valentines Day
    and maybe a little compliment just for her.

    Because flattering her isn’t too over the line as a friend, but it hints that you want her back a little.

  3. dorwin29 said:

    How about:

    There is no better way than a rose to say, you are just as beautiful and special to me! Wish I was there with you now to tell you so.

    Here are some other ideas on what to write on a Valentines Day Card.

  4. Salma Richards said:

    My heart sank when me and my ex broke up. I could not even eat or sleep for days. I thought the stress was bad when we were arguing but it was far worse after we separated. All our friends told the both of us that we should talk it over. We did not know what to do or where to start. Other than knowing that we really liked each other we were at a stand still.

    I decided to do some research online about this problem. Surely we were not the first ones to have to deal with this. And I was right. There are some very good resources online to help you out with lots of problems and how to solve them too. I found what worked for me and hope you do the same.

  5. Janae said:

    You’ve got to be kidding me—it’s so tranpsanrtely clear now!

  6. uhdqwpp said:

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