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Help? What do I write in my friend’s Valentine’s Day card?

I am really bad at this, but I have this “friend with benefits” I have a card for, but no idea what to write in it. I want to to be something funny/sarcastic (we are both sort of sarcastic or poke fun at each other). But anyway…the card says on the front “I got you this valentines day card because it reminds me of you”, and the inside is upside down and backwards and it says “because it has a mind of it’s own (but that’s what I love about you) Happy Valentine’s Day”.

She’s stereotypically blond, forgets things easily, etc. But we both casually poke fun at it.

As you can see, our “relationship” is sort of weird. But who cares.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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2 Responses to “Help? What do I write in my friend’s Valentine’s Day card?”

  1. Jill T said:

    well considering your status I would keep it casual. Something like ” I saw this card and immediately thought of you. ….” good luck to ya.

  2. V M said:

    Your cute and your funny, Happy Valentines Day to my blond bunny!


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