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What to write in a Valentines card for my boyfriend?

My and my bf have been together for almost a year. I cheated on him once but I felt really bad about it (I still do) he’s ok now but every once in a while he still talks about it and I want 2 make a card for him that lets him know that I made a mistake and that I would not want to do anything to hurt him like that again and that I really really love him but I don’t know what to put. Help?

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3 Responses to “What to write in a Valentines card for my boyfriend?”

  1. VISH said:

    Just convey him what you feel right now express them in words simply. Tel that U feel sorry for ur mistake… tats enough…

  2. mehtani r said:

    dear chocolate
    life is to small to hang on for such small small mistakes, i think dont mention these kind of issues on g.card. life is beautiful just chill and enjoy the

  3. clol159 said:

    tell him your very sorry for you mistake and that you now realize he is the ONLY one you want.
    see if you can make up a poem!! or a rhyme or something telling him how you feel.
    make the card yourself, it shows youve put more care and thought into it. if you can, make it heart shaped

    hope i helped!!


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