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Would writing a romantic song help get my ex girlfriend back, if not any ideas on how to impress her again?

I dated this girl for 8 months then out of the blue she decided to dump me, i would like to try and win her heart back as i do believe she was a great girlfriend. I have wrote her a lovely letter and a poem and they seem not to work, well i don’t think they have. Maybe all i should do is leave her alone and maybe she is not worth it. So am up for any opinions on this matter please 😀

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11 Responses to “Would writing a romantic song help get my ex girlfriend back, if not any ideas on how to impress her again?”

  1. .:. LoLa .:. said:

    Suprise her with something. Take her somewhere amazing and fancy or make her something you know she’ll love. If after a while nothing works then you may wanna forget her and move on…

  2. ♥...Im.That.Kind.Of.Girl...♥ said:

    awww…you so should – i would come back to you if you did that – send her roses ][

  3. Fauna said:

    Aw, aren’t you sweet. If you’ve already done these things and she still won’t get back together with you, you need to stop wasting your romantic sweetness on the wrong girl for you. Find a girl who will appreciate it and share the same feelings.

  4. jessie_jackson04 said:


  5. Twinkle said:

    Write her a love letter telling her how you feel

  6. bernie741 said:

    just leave alone sounds best to me

  7. sharon h said:

    just be friends and be ur self aound her if it is to be it will be

  8. Stormy A said:

    dude if she doesn’t want a guy who writes her poetry then she might be gay lol. Trust me dude, she’s not worth it. Move on, you can do better.

  9. Ollie said:

    Take the burger king commercial the one with the 2 dudes singing.
    ” Mushroom wrapped in cheese with a something gentle angus kiss” Just something short and sing this in your song ” I’d kill myself if you left me” something like that.

  10. fchyenne said:

    i think most girls and guys too really love well written words, i mean thats why we listen to music and pretend the singer is singng to us right?…i would give it one more go but if nothing comes of it, walk away, you don’t want to be mistaken for a stalker..that really scares girls

  11. Sherialle said:

    First ask her why she dumped you… there must be a reason.
    Then if she really doesn’t want to get back with you then just move on. It’s most likely going to be her lost since it’s hard to find a guy who writes love letters and poems x_x

    Bottom line: she’s not worth your time and effort.


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