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why did she accept my valentine card when she was starting to get back with ex?

Ok. I am a 22 year old male and met this girl in college in november because we worked on a group project together. We get along very well. Like super well. I think she likes me. She has shown signs. Always laughing at my jokes, smiling at me, innocently teases me. Leaving me random texts such as “i am bored, do you have any suggestions of things to do in newark that doesnt involve drinking.” She leaves me IM’s responding to my away messages and she IM’d me once at 2 AM even though I had an away message up hoping that i was still at my computer cuz i wasnt idle.

So i think she likes me. But I always told her that I think of her as a friend but now my feelings have changed. I made her a valentine and a box of chocolates. She loved it. She had the biggest smile ever and texted me how sweet it was and thanked me. But little did i know, that she was already starting to get back with her ex. bf of 4 yrs who they are in a long distance rel with. She recently told me about that.

But then why would she accept my valentine card and chocolates if she was getting back with her boyfriend?? i dont understand it

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One Response to “why did she accept my valentine card when she was starting to get back with ex?”

  1. Meaty Ochre said:

    because chocolates taste good

    she probably has mixed feelings about the guy. it’s REALLY tough to be in a LD relationship with real fleshy temptation in front of you every day


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