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If you felt like sending a Valentine Card to your ex !!!, …….?

…what would you write in it??

I know, we feel it is not …usual to send Val.card to an ex, but this is a hypothetical, fun question!! So, let us pretend, we do send one card to them!

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30 Responses to “If you felt like sending a Valentine Card to your ex !!!, …….?”

  1. ~Ava~ said:

    smear Limburger on it

  2. Victor said:

    It can’t be printed here.

  3. so Fresh said:

    Roses are Red
    Violets are Blue
    I am so flippin glad to be rid of you!

  4. Eileen J said:

    I wouldn’t know where to send it…and I have no X”s so that will never happen until I find my true X!

  5. just a girl said:

    happy valentines day to the both of you.
    i know flowers are the typical, over rated gift
    so i have instead given you flour…
    it should help you find the hole.

  6. Natasha said:

    Dear (My ex-bf’s name here),
    I miss you so much.I wish you would leave that ugly girl and come back to me.I don’t understand why you left me.I just wanted to say Happy Valentine’s day.I hope your Happy.

  7. tantalizinq ♥ said:

    this is what I would say

    Hi Scumbag,
    ha didn’t think you’d hear from me again? ha..well I just wanted to send this little card to you to tell you how much I hate you and I hope you have the worst valentines day ever, you worthless piece of s***.

    lolol the things I would write i can’t put on y!a lol but that sort of sums it up

  8. Anne W said:

    I just write the shitest card and sign it from his current girlfriend 🙂

  9. beagle_owner said:

    I would write “Thanks for nothing, Happy Valentine’s day”

  10. ΩMEKalicious & a BLACK Valentine said:

    “You will be remembered…

    …….hope you get to Heaven fast”


  11. Leepal is Cupid said:

    I would tell him how happy I am he is tormenting another woman! He was an A-hole!

  12. Leonarda said:

    if i had to…hmmm.
    i wouldnt do it, but i wouldnt also write something bad complaining about something, because with him we still have a very good friendship, and we never hated each other…

  13. hedgewitch18 said:

    You don’t know what you are missing…..

  14. Taha* said:

    “No Comment”

  15. dottie42 said:

    I would tell him ……….
    If it were not for you
    I would not be where I am today.
    So thanks for leaving and going away,
    I am happy now, Because
    I dont have you
    I must say!
    Hope Your V Day S**Ks

  16. LIPPS said:

    I would attach the card to a red balloon and set it free into the clouds. It would read:

    “I hope that you received this Valentine up there in Heaven, where you are. I have been trying to find the right words to say but all that I can come up with is the same thing I always say — “I still love you”. I wish that we could have had one more chance to say goodbye and that I was able to just hold you and feel your heart beating against my face just one more time. I miss you terribly….I think of you constantly….and I cry often. You have been; and always will be; the completion to my puzzle. Save me a place up there….for there will come a time when we are together again and we will just sit and hold hands and stare into each others eyes forever. We will be together again. I love you.”

  17. ilovemessage too said:

    roses are red

    the moon is blue

    i hope your lonely too…

  18. Demetrius Bianchi said:


    Happy Valentine’s! How is my old friend? So, tell me about your relationship with that country-bumpkin. Oh sure, the two of you are fine, silly me. Me? Bah, who cares, right? Have a nice life…


  19. butterflycarebear said:

    omg actually thought about doing this Hope yr as miserable as i am happy to be rid of you

  20. Lori said:

    Dear Ex-BF,

    I send this beautiful Valentine’s Day card to you in thanks for you stalking me for two months…and in appreciation for your out of control obsession with me to the point of almost needing to change my identity…please get a life now and move on!…

    Best Wishes, The One You’ll Never Possess

  21. ღDr. Love Muffinღ said:

    I would send random cards then sign them ” I’m Watching you……”.
    Well maybe not postage is so expensive these days….
    EDIT:*********Scratch that!!!!!*********
    He would love that… that I think about it!
    Dear ____,
    Thank you for making me the person I am today.If it wasn’t for your Lying , stealing, cheating, & abusive ways I would still be stuck with you.
    I wrote this for you…
    Roses are Red
    Violets are really purple
    you are a smacked @ss
    and all I can think of is Schmurple (nothing else rhymed).
    The Smart Woman who Left you!

  22. jay said:

    something along the lines of

    Hi ***T!!!
    how are you doing you’re probably getting plugged by another guy right now and youre probably going to go and cheat on him later cause thats what you did to me, i hope that your V-DAY is hell And you catch VD thanks for 2 years of marital hell

    much hate

    something like that i hop it didnt offend my Y!A buddies

  23. Go Big Blue Durga! said:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I’m in love
    Just not with you

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Smelly socks
    Remind me of you

  24. Holly Cookie Starr ™ said:

    See? I’m at least decent enough to get you something … unlike someone I used to date *hint hint*

    Oh by the way I WAS cheating on you too …

  25. juicyfamouz420 said:

    i thought it was weird that the person you were talkin sh*t about all night during prom is now your girlfriend. if only she knew everything u said, about how she was a “cow” and she danced like a “cow humping that guy”…and tell her to STOP talkin sh*t to me over myspace. its really annoying. little girl. lol.

    p.s im happy i never ended up with u in the final run because i realized that your nothing but a f*ck up in life. it still bothers me that u dropped out in the middle of your senior year of high school, because “partying is your life”
    b*tch please.

  26. Dellarovere said:

    I would write “wishes” but I would have first soaked the card in a mixture of infectuous viruses….

  27. † Magíríšh † said:

    Happy Valentine’s to you..

  28. Ēlsá said:

    “hi creepy thing, hope your heart stays just where you are… far away from me”

  29. haroula said:

    Roses are red,violets are blue,
    I hope you come down with the flu!
    Was she worth it,to leave me and make me cry?
    Now that she left you,you just want to die!
    I’m happy you’re sad,i’m happy you’re crying,
    That’s what you get,with all your lying!

  30. gldnsilnc said:

    May you find your heart’s desire…

    And may she be the b*tch you deserve

    Happy Valentine’s Day


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