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What is the best way to absolutely end a twisted relationship that still involves love?

i realized that I cannot have self respect and continue my relationship one more day… I have never liked how she treats me, I have no hope that this will change. I keep going back to an empty well wishing for water.

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26 Responses to “What is the best way to absolutely end a twisted relationship that still involves love?”

  1. tuffs34 said :

    just leave

  2. Oscar S said :

    Go for that pack of smokes and never come back

  3. josejr226 said :

    Everything you said in the description for the question…say that to her, and break up.

  4. Jo-Dawg said :

    Say it’s me not you. That always works.

  5. Katlyn said :

    It seems like you have already figured out what you want. Now go for it. Do what is best for you. You can’t change a person.

  6. MetalUYA said :

    Just walk but up, be like

    No okay, no more, it’s over, and ignore her from that moment on.

  7. Justice said :

    Then stop. Leave. That simple.

  8. cass_andra said :

    i think you have to be strong and tell her wat you think of how she treat you …. if your goin to end it the she cant dump you …. coz your dumping her

  9. wnc817 said :

    If you let someone treat you badly, then you must think that you deserve it and you don’t love yourself. If a woman hits you, dump her. If she insults you, dump her. If she cheats on you, dump her. Got it?

  10. JESS =] said :

    that is exactly how i feel about my bf…he treats me like crap bt then again i go back 2 him after i know that hes gnna hurt me again but i feel like i need him with me…i guess u just gotta keep trying.

  11. winnie said :

    Clean break, cut off all contact. Only way it’s going to happen, otherwise you’ll just keep getting pulled back in.

  12. Torie-Lynn said :

    Tell her the way it is that you want to end it for good that you don’t need someone treating you that way and that she can find someone else to treat like shit.

  13. oplsjames said :

    You have to quit a bad relationship like a bad habit, cold turkey. Sit down with her and explain that the relationship isn’t mutually beneficial, that you are suffering and choose to end it. Then do it. Don’t call to check on her, no pity sex, no contact. Break it off cleanly.

  14. Courtney said :

    if you’ve talked to her and she doesn’t change just tell you can’t stand the way she treats you and tell her you just can’t continue living this way…

  15. yeimygurl1 said :

    just talk to her and let her down easy tell her the reasons so in the future she wont be the same person if you want to be friends

  16. sonata said :

    I don’t think there is a “best way”. You just have to end it and tell her why. No matter how many times she promises to change, she probably won’t. My heart goes out to you… good luck.

  17. shuga said :

    if she is miss treating you then you need to get out of the relationship obviously. Just flat out tell her that you don’t like the way she treats you and that its over. Then you have to delete her from your life as much as possible and move on. the moving on part will be hardest but its for the best. no one deserves to be treated badly

  18. x.spyke said :

    Well, if there’s no hope whatsoever I’d say abandon the whole “still involves love” thing and go with something a little more offensive for some retribution for how she treats you. Something along the lines of “I can’t take anymore of you!”

  19. b r i d g e t < 3 said :

    i would just say, we’re done, i can’t take this anymore
    i’ve only had sincere breakups, sorry!

  20. Dr. Jones said :

    “I keep going back to an empty well wishing for water.”
    Beautiful sentence, can I use it?

    Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. t always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

    1 Corinthians 13:4-7

    Decide for yourself if what you have is love.

    If it isn’t, you’ll know what do along the way.

  21. kimmer said :

    Just cut all ties with this person and move on….your stuck in a rut with this girl and you’re in a comfort zone with her. Just tell her you want to move on with your life and go forward….pretty soon you will find out that you have learned from this relationship!

  22. xoxo~ICESK8ER~xoxo I love 2 Sk8! said :

    Well do NOT do it like this…………………( cuz this happened to my older sis!)

    I love yo u but i am not in love with you!

    she was completely CRUSHED after it!

  23. Dark Angel said :

    It is very difficult to remove yourself from a co-dependent relationship. However, it is the only way to restore your self-respect and mental well-being. No relationship is worth mental anguish. And you might consider that what you are describing is not love.

  24. Bemis said :

    What you have said here appears to say it all very well. Say this out loud over and over to you have no problem with the words coming easily out of your mouth. Then say this to her in person or if you can’t look at her when you say it, tell her over the phone. If you cannot say this to her, send it to her in a real letter. If you can’t say it or write it then your only other option is to move away – far, far, away!

  25. SLIM said :

    Sounds to me like you are married, and not in a relationship. My friend, you sound young, and I say this because of the way you asked your question. People of my age have been where you are now, and we have learned that many times two old sayings are true. You never know what you could loose until you have lost it. And, opposites do attract. Learn to see why she dose what she dose, maybe she is only trying to give you hints in becomming the man that she knows that you could be. Also, this goes both ways. Look at the things that you may be asking of her and ask yourself later HONESTLY to yourself, why you asked of her to do what you did? Is she perfect? Of course not. Are you perfect? Of course not. Do you think that you will ever in your life find that PERFECT WOMAN, of course not. There is no such thing as a perfect person in any way, we are a species that are doomed to make mistakes. I heard you say the word LOVE. Well if you realy love her, then you will stick with her until she grows to learn what you can’t stand, and she will eventualy stop doing those things. But if she dosen’t realy love you then you will see it in her eyes, and you will also see it in the ways that her time alone without you is much more important than spending time with you. In that case, drop her now. But I would sugjest that you give just a little while longer and do the thing that has worked for thousands of years, talk to her about your feelings and about what is hurting you and making you angry. Her reaction will show you her love for you.

  26. mmster said :

    simple just say your not my true love


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