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how can i get my ex-boyfriend back because i still love him?

me and my boyfriend justin went out for about a mOnth and we broke up because people were making rumors to break us up and now what do i do? i still love him to death! but im afraid to tell him how i feel because i dont think he likes me anymore…HELP!

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6 Responses to “how can i get my ex-boyfriend back because i still love him?”

  1. crimsonandcloveroverandover said:

    ….sometimes you just have to move on….but if you want to give it another go with him, just talk to him….

  2. Mariaz said:

    just write an email to him…. right now I believe internet is the only mean to express ureself to him 🙂

    All the best.. and remember, if he comes back, then he loves u too… your love will win and if he does’nt come back, then he does’nt deserve your love 🙂
    Pray to god, Believe in God.

  3. Solly Flush said:

    Look..I think your still in High school right…

    Boys will come and boys will go…but your family will always be there for you…

    Let him go…It is hard to love some one after only dating for a month…

    But if you really want him back…you must act like you don’t care..young boys want what they can’t what you should do is play like he is no one and I am sure he will show intrest in you again..

    But remember at your age boyfriends do not last…it is part of growing up..

    Good luck and if he does not like you any more, than that is his loss..’

    Good Luck

  4. Wolf mother said:

    use a discise or right him a letter tell him how u feel

  5. Margaret L said:

    are you in middle school?

    Well, think, girl! This boy must have been embarrassed by the rumors. It has nothing to do with you, he was embarrassed by his buddies. Just remember he thought you were cute or he wouldn’t have started going out with you.

    Act friendly, but nothing more, when you see him. Casual, friendly. Nothing else. You have to have a long range plan. Get involved in school sports, which will help with your figure, your skin, and will help him to notice you.

    Find ways to shine, to stand out. Start reading every night for 30 minutes to an hour and increase your vocabulary and thus test scores so you will be on the honor roll.

    Are you in band? If so, be the best player so you get to be in first chair. Very noticeable spot.

    Sign up for cheerleading, if that’s what you want.

    Find the area where you can shine in school and pursue it with all your might.

    You do realize, don’t you, that not only will this boy notice you, but others will too? And once other guys start pursuing you, Justin will like you even more, as a rule. But then you may change your mind about Justin. Who knows?

  6. Jim G said:

    My suggestion, from previous experience, is that you want to make HIM come back to you; not the other way around.

    The best chances for the results you want is for if HE approached you about seeing each other again. Guys don’t like it (and will often not accept) girls who come crawling back or who are persistently trying to win them over. It gets annoying and obvious, and who wants to look like they’re groveling. Because try as you might, it’s going to be very obvious that you’re still “into” him and so you need to put on an academy award winning show that you’re not

    As a guy, HE wants to claim a victory..he doesn’t want to feel like he was “suckered back”.

    So the best advice I can offer you is to not pressure him, not reveal that you care, and not indicate that you’re heartbroken whatsoever. Rather, be friendly, but keep your distance. Give him lots of room. Make him think that you can take him or leave him. But don’t “ignore” him either, because that too would seem obvious that you care….BUT, when there’s a genuine opportunity to do something nice for him and meaningful, take advantage of that. Be a friend, but don’t seem eager. He may just end up realizing that you are a good catch, and and he’ll realize that his biggest regret is that the relationship he had with you ended. But, you have to play it cool. And, if he ends up dating someone else, don’t freak out. He may just want some time to stray a bit. But, in the end, after seeing that you truly are a cool and beautiful person–he’ll be proud to rekindkle romance with you and the victory will be yours.


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