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What is the best thing to do, my husband got angry with me for buying him valentine´s card so late?

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9 Responses to “What is the best thing to do, my husband got angry with me for buying him valentine´s card so late?”

  1. Eastcoast beachgirl said :

    um valentine’s isn’t here yet

  2. chapman_red said :

    Maybe cause his girlfriend gave him one on time, and wanted you to show her up!

  3. pinkygirl said :

    you do know valentines day is tomorrow dont u

  4. BabeHeart said :

    So late? V’day isn’t until tomorrow…you’re not late until after Midnight tomorrow night.

  5. phoenix said :

    I think he may have been offended if he is big on respect, my husband is so he gets upset when I forget little things about him so try to remember next time he’ll get excited

  6. Cari F said :

    Valentine’s Day is tomorrow – the card is not even late yet! How petty of him to get upset over this. His attitude is not very loving, and certainly not in the spirit of what Valentine’s Day was meant to be in the first place. Shame on him! The best thing to do? Tell him he is petty and not acting loving toward you and that have decided to love yourself on this day by doing something good for YOU. Well, that’s what I would be tempted to do. I don’t know your husband or you, and I really couldn’t say. I would say that I would definitatly tell him he is petty and unloving and I would let him know that it was YOU who should be mad at HIM because of his selfish attitude.

  7. Megan O said :

    Well, Valentines Day is tomorrow here in the US. I’m lost.

  8. Blu said :

    It’s the thought that counts. You do know that v’tines is tomorrow, though? He seriously needs to get a life. That is so small and trivial. Does he get mad about everything?

  9. Get it Together said :

    It’s too late if you buy it on Thursday. All day tomorrow is Valentine’s. Does he keep so close track of all your actions??? sounds like a control freak to me. So you should ask him, “How am I ever going to surprise you if you watch every move of mine?”


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