Too late for a valentine’s day card?

I was planning to give this girl I like a card for Valentine’s Day, but when another guy asked if she had a boyfriend already, she said yes. So I held back, and guess what? I learn the day after that she was lying, and that it was just to get the other guy to stop bothering her on her personal life. I still have the card, but I know that she DOES like someone else, and I get the message that she doesn’t want anyone else.

Is it too late to give her the card? Heck, should I even think of giving her the card?

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2 Responses to “Too late for a valentine’s day card?”

  1. stever said:

    i think you should man
    youll never know if she likes you until you try
    and if she doesnt like you and you still want her, then sweep her off her feet
    do what it takes
    dont let that feeling go
    i know its hard/akward sometimes, but if you dont act on your feelings the regret later will kill you man
    just go for it, its kinda romantic giving someone a valentines day card after valentines day =)

    i hope it works out for you

  2. Amber M said:


    Instead, if you have the cash, buy another one… Personally, I think that guys who give me cards after the fact just simply forgot. Unless you explain why it’s late, and totally ruin the element of suprise… Yeah, get another card that’s appropriate…


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