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What is a good time to start potty trainning my son?

my 1st son is a little over 18 months, should we start potty trainning him, i also have a 5 month son. he knows waht pee pee is but cant quit tell us on time. he also hates wearing diapers and would rather run around in his shorts or underwear.

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3 Responses to “What is a good time to start potty trainning my son?”

  1. MYAB said :

    3yrs was a charm for my son.

  2. Mama Bear said :

    I read most baby’s are not realy ready to be potty trained until around 27months. My daughter is 23months and has been showing interest in the potty since she was about 19/20 months old. I did hear that boys are easier though. If he’s showing interest in the toilet, I would get a training toilet for him and start showing him how to use it, but don’t expect any potty training results quite yet. My daughter @ 23 months old knows what it’s for, and knows the process, but isn’t quite ready yet. When wearing pull-ups or training underwear she diesn’t acknowlege that she’s gone. So now that she knows how to use to the potty, we’re waiting for her to notice when she goes in her diaper, to put the two together.

  3. Andy said :

    If he’s showing obvious signs of being potty trained then give it a go. Most kids won’t train until atleast 24 months of age. Just try sitting him on the toliet after he’s drank something and try to go on from there. If he doesn’t seem ready then give it a break for a while and revist it in a few months maybe when he is a little bit older and can understand more fully about using the toilet. Good luck.


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