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What is a good time to start my son’s 1st Birthday Party?

What is a convenient time for most people? We are serving appetizers and cake.

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7 Responses to “What is a good time to start my son’s 1st Birthday Party?”

  1. elaeblue said:

    I think 3 in the afternoon is perfect for a kids party. People will come the kids will have fun and they will all go home in time for dinner. Also most kids are done with naps already so in a better mood for the party.

  2. carebear said:

    After a nap. So that he is not grumpy.

  3. spankingluvr4u2004 said:

    2:30 or 3pm

  4. herkco said:

    When its convenient for Mom.

  5. darlazi said:

    I had my daughters at 2 pm. After naptime, Before she got grumpy. It wasnt to early or late for us.

  6. Alberta Mama said:

    I would say it is less important for the time to be convenient for your guests and more important that it is a good time of day for your son. It would be best to start it after a nap and end it before a regularly “scheduled” part of his routine (like dinner or a bath or something).

    We had my daughter’s first birthday this weekend. We started it at 2pm and that worked well for us.

  7. abqam said:


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