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What if we just get away for a long weekend and elope instead of having a formal ceremony? 2nd wedding?

My fiance and I have been engaged for 7 months. This is the 2nd marriage for both of us. He has 2 kids, a 14 yr old boy and a 12 yr old girl. We’ve decided in lieu of a traditional or ceremonial wedding, we’d like to just take off on a Friday with the kids, go to a spot we all decide and agree upon, get married while we’re there, and have a fun honeymoon as a family. I know we’ll have to plan ahead for a justice of the peace, but I’m wondering if someone out there may have done something similar and can provide me with some more insight. Can you help?
I would like for it to be a minister also, however, I’ve been told that ministers require premarital counseling sessions before they will agree to marry you. We don’t have a family church as of yet and it wouldn’t be feasible to travel (since we want to get married on a trip of some sort with the kids) for counseling sessions due to our stringent work schedules. I was thinking of doing the initial ceremony with the justice of the peace and once we join a church of our choice as a family (we are still visiting churches to decide on which one) we can renew our vows in church with more of our family present to share it with us.

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6 Responses to “What if we just get away for a long weekend and elope instead of having a formal ceremony? 2nd wedding?”

  1. l8ntpianist said:

    hey its your roller coaster, have fun with it. good luck to you. wishing you a life long love.

  2. sodajerk50 said:

    it sounds like a plan, but i think i would have to go for a minister instead of a justice of the peace.

    thats just me. i think my relationship with my god is the basis for any good relationship with the opposite sex.

  3. Boomer Wisdom said:

    I got married to an instant family (her two kids, but no problems there.) She wanted the wedding ceremony; we were poor; we paid for it all, (parents were more poor.) It was her second.

    She handled the wedding plans, I handled the honeymoon. Things went awry; the meal was missing from the reception. Things went really awry with the honeymoon, we spent our wedding night in the back of a friend’s Mazda. It rained a lot in Alaska when we finally got there.

    In otherwords, it’s always going to be an adventure.
    Just have fun.

    PS: The 25th anniversary party went much more smoothly… Best wishes to you.

  4. nannygoat said:

    My son (first marriage) and his wife (second marriage) went to Las Vegas, Nevada to get married. My husband couldn’t come, but my daughter from LA and I went to the wedding in one of the chapel on the strip. We all had a nice time the rest of the weekend in Las Vegas. We gave them a small reception (cake, finger foods, chips) the next weekend for all their family and friends at home in Texas. We show the pictures and the video taken of the wedding at the reception. You can check out on the Internet on what to do and see for yourselves and the kids in Las Vegas

  5. Joy said:

    Wedding chapels in Las Vegas. Check out
    The captain of a cruise ship performs weddings.
    Get the marriage license before you go. Then pack up the family and get married on a beach or in a small church. Ministers gladly perform small, informal family weddings.
    With planning, get married at Elvis’ Graceland Wedding Chapel in Memphis. It’s a wonderful place for family after the wedding. Did you know that January 8 is Elvis birthday. Best Wishes.

  6. willy g said:

    Me and my wife got married in Vegas. We took our 3 kids 7,4,3 her family decided to tag along (we were trying to elope and just go by ourselves) but it turned out pretty cool. There was quite alot to do for the kids and we still had plenty of adult time because her family was there to baby sit and keep the kids busy. We spent quite a bit but it was sooooo… worth every penny.
    Good Luck and Congrats!


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