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What games and activities can I do for my daughter’s first birthday party?

I know she’s a little young herself but there will be many older kids there that need to be entertained. The party is this Sunday in the park and it’s too cool for water sports. Any suggestions?

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One Response to “What games and activities can I do for my daughter’s first birthday party?”

  1. Vicky said:

    Gosh I have LOT’s of ideas for You!
    (wish I could be there to help and to play..:))

    If the park allows a grill… there could be (SHOULD BE) S’mores!
    This page gives the basics on S’mores, and some special variety recipes:
    Decorating cupcakes with sprinkles, candies, and tubes of frosting
    Toddler arts and crafts that can be done outside.

    *Pasta Necklace: Extremely easy and fun to make, you can either dye the pasta yourself or buy pasta that is colored. Next, have your child string the pasta onto a string, so that it can be worn as a necklace or a bracelet. After your little one has completed the necklace or bracelet, then you can tie the ends together and let them enjoy their work of art.

    ^ can also be done with those strawberry candy strings and hard Candies
    *Tambourines: For this craft, you will need two paper plates, beans or rice, a **stapler, sticker, crayon and ribbon. Have you child pour the beans or rice on the plate. Next, staple the two plates together, so that the beans or rice can move around inside. Afterwards, your toddler can decorate the outside of the plate with stickers or by drawing pictures and adding ribbon.
    ^The Kids can use the tamborines to accompany the Happy Birthday Song.
    **safer to use colored masking tape. And you can use it for the Nature Bracelets below.
    Nature Bracelet
    Materials :

    Masking tape

    Before going outdoors with your child, wrap a piece of masking tape to his wrist, sticky side up.
    As you explore, help him attach colorful leaves, flowers, and other interesting discoveries to his bracelet.
    When done, use scissors to snip off the nature bracelet.
    Display on a bulletin board, shelf, or wall.

    Fill a large box with styrofoam peanuts. Bury presents or goodie bags in the peanuts. Let the kids dig until they find one.
    *You can use air-popped popcorn instead, the kids will eat it, it’s better for the environment, and the park wildlife will help “clean” up any spillage..:))

    Blowing bubbles is fun. Especially those big Monster Bubbles!
    Bubble Mania
    Bubble blowers are fun for children no matter what their age but are especially good for toddlers who will ove to chase them around. They may still have a bit of trouble blowing their own bubbles but an adult blowing a steady stream of bubbles will have them all squealing with delight. You can challenge the children to find the biggest bubble, see which one flies the highest, or catch bubbles in their mouths < --eww , but kids love it! LOL Bubble solution recipes and other bubble activities:
    Modelling Clay (play dough)
    Younger children gain pleasure in the texture and feel of play dough and clay rather than having a great interest in actually making anything. Squeezing, rolling and cutting will be if primary interest and play dough is the easiest medium for them to use. Click here for the easy recipes for Play Dough:
    *Simon Says: First choose someone to be Simon-usually an adult or parent. Have the children stand in line, and with the phrase “Simon Says”, ask them to do something. Such as: “Simon Says stand on one foot”, or “Simon Says touch your nose”. Have fun with this, you’ll get many laughs with this game!! Now simply ask the children to do a move without saying Simon Says. Did someone move, and Simon didn’t say? “oops” they must sit out! This continues until only one child is left standing, he or she is the winner.
    *Duck Duck Goose!:
    Gather everyone around in a circle and sit down. Have one child or adult be the Duck. Walk around the circle repeating Duck-Duck-Duck while tapping each person individually on the head. When you have someone in your sights to be the goose, you tap that person on the head and say Goose!! This person must jump up and try to catch the Duck, while running around the circle. When caught, this person now sits and the process repeats until everyone is bored or tired!
    *Musical Strawberries: Simply cut strawberries out of felt and place in circle. Then, you could play Strawberry Shortcake music. When the music stops, the kids all try to land on a strawberry. Remember, start with one less strawberry than there are kids. After each round, remove a strawberry, until only one remains. The winner of the game is the one that lands on the last strawberry.
    *Balloon Burst: For this game you will need enough balloons for each kid at the party to have one. In one of the balloons, place the piece of paper in it that says winner. In all of the other balloons, place a blank piece of paper. Pass out the balloons and have the kids try and burst them, any way they can. The child that burst the balloon with the paper that says “winner” is the winner of the game.
    2 Liter Bottle Bowling
    Save and wash 10 – 2 liter bottles and the lids. Get a small ball from the dollar store. Fill the bottles with a couple of inches of clean kitty litter. Set it up and let your toddlers have a ball.
    *This also works well with Juicy Juice bottles.
    I hope this helps!


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