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What theme should we use for their birthday party?

Our children are going to be turning 2(son) and 6(daughter). Their birthdays are so close that we decided to just have one party. But, I dont know if I should have a theme to it or what it should be. Any Suggestions?

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8 Responses to “What theme should we use for their birthday party?”

  1. Dan D said:

    i don’t think i would because of the age gap. what he is into she might not be. and if you try to have a theme to it its going to be hard to decide what that theme will be and you aren’t going to want to feel or have people think you are favoring one over the other by the theme. unless there is something that they are both into then i would do that.

  2. hopflower said:

    Well that depends upon what theme you wish to use. Do they both have similar interests at all? I mean something that both would enjoy; say, a sea theme or circus theme or the like? The ages are not that close nor are the sexes of the children the same, but sometimes with very young children taste is not all that developed; they love parties and friends and cake anyway!

  3. Cookie On My Mind said:

    Is there something that they both really enjoy? Animals (zoo), the ocean (underwater theme), a particular movie, etc? I’m sure there must be one thing they really both enjoy. Good luck! 🙂

  4. BraxOwl said:

    Do they share any favorite television shows, such as Sesame Street? If so, go with that theme.

    How about a zoo theme…animal themes are readily available, and each could pick their favorite.

    A Knight/Princess party?

    Or, just do colors-for instance, blue for him and pink for her. Then whatever her favorite theme is, incorporate that into her cake and whatever his favorite theme is, incorporate that into his cake-that way you do not have to do two different themes, yet they each get a personalized cake.

    Happy Birthday to them! I hope they enjoy their special day!

    EDITED TO ADD: You might consider an activity party, such as Chuck E Cheese or a bounce house, etc. That would surely please both.

  5. Terri M said:

    this will only work for a year or two…then they will not want to have a party together…..just find something they both like…do they both like animals? use that…

  6. zestysesky said:

    honestly, you should have two separate parties for each child. that age difference is huge when it comes to party planning. For your daughter, let her pick a theme and invite a few of her friends over. For your son, have a small family get-together (since two year olds don’t really have personal friends).

    Children remember these things….i once knew a kid whose birthday was a few days after Christmas and his parents always celebrated his birthday on Christmas and did nothing on his actual big day. he always resented it. Let your kids have their own birthdays.

  7. heartsarebad said:

    Dora and Diego.

  8. No Doubt said:

    For theme ideas go to Birthday It is fantasic for finding hundreds of themes. For instance in your case you may want to opt out of characters and stick to beach or hawaiian luau. Pretty cool stuff you can find there. I personally would buy 2 small cakes as opposed to one so they do feel that bit of personal taste. Good Luck.


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