what do you think of this valentines day gift for my bf?

buying him a star for valentines day 🙂 he’s not into astrology but on our first date we watched the stars together so it could be really cute.

i was also thinking of getting him one of those digital picture frames for his room so he could put slideshows of his friends and family on it etc. he could actually use that (and see it).

guys would you really want a star named after you? or would you rather get a digital picture frame? any other gift ideas?

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10 Responses to “what do you think of this valentines day gift for my bf?”

  1. Stephen P said:

    LOL DIGITAL PICTURE FRAME!!!!!!!!!!! but u can put a picture of stars on it

  2. cutie said:

    Yeah thats unique. Its nice to give presents that other people won’t think of.

  3. rawrburger w/cheese said:

    give him money or vidja games. NO STARS. or picture frames <>.<> i would hate getting that from a gf.

  4. onelesslonelygirlll said:

    I think the star idea is cute (;

  5. Pat said:

    Those are all good gift ideas. The star idea is good but the star isn’t tangible. I’d want a star named after me but if it came down to not knowing what to get, you can always give us that thing we always want

  6. Akshay said:

    I think the digital frame would be better. A star named after me…really i cant do much with a star.

  7. Jillia said:

    make him something it will mean 10 times more to him. like something simple like cupcakes or something along those lines and decorate them with sprinkles and pretty icing in the shapes of hearts.

  8. David S said:

    Personally, I’d rather have a digital picture frame. Yeah, the whole star thing sounds nice in theory, but that’s like having a drop of water in the ocean named after you. Turn it around and ask yourself how you would feel if he had a star named after you, and instead of taking you out for a nice dinner took you to McDonalds or Burger King instead.

  9. loveablee. said:

    the star idea is cute; but ihave to agree with the other people. its not tangible so he cant really do anything with it; but like yu should probably go again and watch the stars and just spend sometime there. like just hanging out with him and then yuu can give him the picture frame and stuff. goodluckk;)

  10. BREE said:

    I Think the star is a very good idea.
    That will be really cute since u guys watched the stars on your very first date.


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