What do you say to an EX who sends you a Valentine Card?

Divorce for three years and receives a Valentine Card.

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31 Responses to “What do you say to an EX who sends you a Valentine Card?”

  1. Sally B said:

    send him a naked picture

  2. gabatron said:

    Say, Thanks, Hope you’re well.

  3. Steve p said:

    sorry, move on please

  4. apicturewithatwist said:

    was it a really sentimental one or just a hey frind one? either way if ur uncomfortable with it then talk to them about it

  5. Rob said:

    Send him dead roses

  6. Alan G said:

    Sending it back with money and a note to stop bothering you… IT WORKS EVERY TIME!

  7. brittany said:

    Say thanks and maybe tell them that was very sweet but your over them and don’t like them in that way . . .
    : )

  8. Jason C said:

    Thank You

  9. John Holmes said:

    Ignore him. NEVER go back

  10. moni;ca said:

    Say “Thank You,
    Now move on”

  11. ALAN B said:


  12. Charlie's Girl said:

    If you have no communication with him/her, don’t say anything.

  13. Sweet EL said:

    Weird. I would say: what do you want from me? And if you want nothing to do with this person, say nothing at all. He probably either wants to re-open communication or see if you are still an option for him…

  14. AlexisxUndead said:

    say “get over me!!”

    and if you have kids

    “pay some child support”

  15. peace&love&pigs said:

    if it’s romantic, you should tell him it didn’t work out the first time and it’s ok if he wants to be friends. if it’s just friendly, send if a haha or nice friend one back

  16. patticharron said:

    You are not required to respond.

    If you feel you must, say “thanks. hope you are well.” and be done with it.

  17. Rob D said:

    “Thankyou for the card, i didnt have a chance to any for anyone”


  18. flutie102 said:

    if you hate him, then just say “Thanks, but don’t do it again.”
    If you like him then say “OMG I loved it!
    If you iffy, and u don’t really care “THanks, it was sweet i guess.”
    If you don’t care, and ur not interested say “Thanks but no thanks.”

    Hpe it helps, its wat i would do!

  19. Scott J said:

    you say

    “when the pimp’s in the crib yall…drop it like its hot”

  20. jess said:

    If you guys still talk, explain to him how that’s a little inapropriate. If you guys don’t talk, then don’t respond if you don’t want anything to do with him.

  21. Winter Autumn () said:

    That depends. What did it say and is he married?

  22. Lex said:

    don’t say anything? unless you have feelings for him still?
    if you send a card back or spark up a conversation about it, perhaps he’ll think that you are still interested?

    it may be hard to not say anything – but it would be a clear message?

  23. .......:: said:

    nothing…. unless you are still in contact with him. saying nothing proves it is totally over though and the card was unnecessry…. if you are still friends, call him up and say thanks, chat about what plans he had for the day. and then say i gotta go i’m making dinner……….. somethin’ like that

  24. Whatever... said:

    thank you

  25. Ray pratama said:

    i will just say something and not much. if the situation is absolutely not
    more suitable

  26. ρυяρ ♥ said:

    He must want you back. But there was a reason why you all got a divorce. Don’t go back to him girl.lol good luck ♥

  27. Heffernan said:

    That just depends. Have you still been friends? If you haven’t talked since, they probably should have done it sooner. If you’ve been friends… well, either way actually, maybe they want to get back together. You never know!

  28. midnightrambler said:

    It depends, if it is a fairly generic, harmless, friend type card I would accept it in the spirit it was given. If it is a card which has an obvious, and unwanted, suggestion of rekindling a romance than it might be best to either ignore it or set the record straight with that person.

  29. m_mouse2146 said:

    I think this
    kind of depends on how close you are with your ex. Are you on speaking terms? If you see on another in a store (for example) Do you just say “Hi” and walk away?
    If the card-sending was awkward (which I think it is…) then I would just ignore it. And if he asks if you DID get the card, then I would just say “Thanks for the card.”
    Hope this helps

  30. Hikari said:

    What kind of card was it?
    Did it look all romantic, or was it just a “wishing you a happy v-day”
    kind of card?

    Maybe he wishes you were still together and wants to initiate contact?

    Or maybe he just wants to get under your skin?

    If the first, tell him the card was inappropriate, and that you do not wish for him to send anything else like it.

    If the second, ignore it, he wants a reaction and giving him one will satisfy him.

  31. angelwingsofheaven said:

    there was a reason why you got the divorce in the first place… Say thanks and good by.


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