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What can Libs do to stop the GOP from forcing Obama run the government on continuous continuing resolutions?

We could just force Obama to run the basics of the government on continuing resolutions so that no budget is ever passed.

And guess what?
Obamacare is not an “essential” so it would get no funding!

A continuing resolution is a type of appropriations legislation used by the United States Congress to fund government agencies if a formal appropriations bill has not been signed into law by the end of the Congressional fiscal year.

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7 Responses to “What can Libs do to stop the GOP from forcing Obama run the government on continuous continuing resolutions?”

  1. USA MALE said :

    Get a majority of the House and Senate to vote it down

  2. Curtis 1911 said :

    Oh’ man that is hilarious.

    obama is afraid to let the tax payers see how much spending he has really done.

    Federal Workers Making 150k Has Soared 10 Tenfold In 5 Years

    Obama Federal Pay Freeze Lie – Pay Raises Will Continue

    California Government Pensions Cost Each Resident $3,000

    SF Public Defender Seeks to Cut Government Pensions

    Government Workers get Much More

    Bureau of Labor Government Workers Make 44% More

    FederalEmployees Get Paid Double

    Federal Employees at the Trough

    Federal Pay Gap Growing

    Federal Employees, More Get 6 Figure Salaries

  3. Obamalies Bigtime said :

    They can’t and that is likely exactly what will happen.

  4. g said :

    you may have a bit of a problem when the laws of Obamacare hit, with no funding… basically all those poor people have to get healthcare, but no gov. funding to help them?

    in short, it will be a mess… and I’m not sure who’s going to take more heat over it…

    but I don’t think putting the lower 40 percent in jail for tax evasion or more fines will help them…

  5. Nick said :

    Cut their Medicare
    Cut their welfare
    Cut their pensions
    Cut their SS
    Cut their earmarks
    Cut their defense research
    Save my future

  6. m27fiscojr said :

    I guess it’s too late for them to try to work with Republicans when Democrats had the super majority…. now they are worried??? It all seems a little short sighted to me.

  7. Paul Grass™℠ said :

    cry is all they could do


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