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How can I stop my girlfriend from flirting with other boys?

Ok.This other girl and I have been talking for a while and I really want her to myself but the problem is she’s a big flirt.She says she wants to be with me but she knows that she will flirt with other boys.She said she doesn’t do it intentionally,it just happens.I know I will catch an attitude quick if I see it though.I don’t know if I should just go out with her and see if she would stop the flirting or just forget about my wants of wanting her to myself.Help Please !

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5 Responses to “How can I stop my girlfriend from flirting with other boys?”

  1. Double3641 said :

    she’s got you on a leash and she knows it. If you go out with her she will get worse… she’s a manipulative s|ut

  2. DaNcEsOcCeRgIrL said :

    it sounds like she’s not even your girlfriend!
    haha. you need to make it official. maybe if you guys are dating she will stop
    also tell her if she’s gonna lead you on but she doesn’t want you to be the only guy in your life then you are done trying.
    don’t be rude. but its not fair for her to do that.
    if she really wants you she’ll come around.

  3. Nikki said :

    Just ask her to. Sit her down and tell her, and hopefully she’ll understand. Otherwise it probably wasn’t meant to be.

  4. Judith said :

    She’s a player even though she’s probably not aware that she is. If I were you I’d look elsewhere. The problem with a flirt is that guys will flirt back and she will be tempted by some of them to do more than flirt. And even if she would be true blue to you, who needs the aggravation and doubt?

  5. Winstin said :

    Just talk to her bro,all we have are words before actions.Let her know you dont like it and you guys are exclusive and if she doesnt understand.Then deal with it or leave.


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