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what are some clever ways in saving on your valentines date?

would like to hear all very clever ideas and tips in helping us all to save some money during the tough economy..thanks so kindly.

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12 Responses to “what are some clever ways in saving on your valentines date?”

  1. Andrew S said:

    dump her for the day joks

  2. 2009 Better make it up to me !!! said:

    Well you could start by making something from the heart …Like arts and crafts

  3. 3DD sista said:

    stay home and act like valentines never happened

  4. Stinky_Pete said:

    Make a homemade card & explain to your loved one, let’s save money this yr…… & give homemade gifts…… a sensesable one would appreciate the savings.

  5. nj3207 said:

    im making my b/f a big heart shaped cookie! he loves cookies, and it only cost me about 5 bucks to make….. cant go wrong with food lol

  6. vidhyaba said:

    Huge hug with broad smile is more than enough than presenting gift

  7. mercy said:

    cook a simple meal for two with candles and a floral centerpiece, soft music in the background.

  8. Buff said:

    A big bow wrapped around you, next to the fireplace with a little champagne will be enough to make your Valentine a happy camper for a long time!

    (I do hope you’re married and over 21….if not, I take this all back!)

  9. jacked fibras said:

    dinner,hang out somewhere,then back to your place where the entire room is just lit by hundreds of scented candles

  10. Emily K said:

    Well this isn’t legal but its classic and sweet: Go grafitti something with ” John Loves Jane Forever” on it w/ a heart. Risky, permanent, and only costs would be the spray paint (unless you get caught, then you’d have a ticket).

    Also, cook your own romantic dinner for two, complete with candles and table clothes.

    Hand make the card or do an cute E-card.

  11. Amore vole fe said:

    just take a blanket and candles if you have any, sit out in the park or garden underneath the stars and cozy up together 🙂

    cook her dinner at home

  12. Sam said:

    tons of stuff for less!


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