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valentine card help plz?!?!?

ok i have 5 diff kinds of paper. TONS of stickers. i have heart stickers, bball stickers, and bff stickers. I have big paper, small paper, folded card paper, envelopes too. I have 36 colored pencils and i have glue and scissors. I want to make a really special valentine, like something awesome for sum1. Our friendship (i am a girl. friend is a girl) has been rough, and i want her to know tht i care. any cute ideas? Also, i want to make somethin cute for my bff. u guys have any cute ideas? cute sayings?
btw, i am 13.
bff means best friend forever! LOL! ok yea both my friends are girls. We always get cute cards and stuff for valentines day. I made one friend a video of all our old memories and in the end it says “You and me were *next slide* best friends. *next slide* What happened? *next slide* Happy Valentines Day” and i wanted somethin cute to give to my other friend Emma. We are best friends, but we just became friends. It all just kinda happened..we started talking and now we’re best friends! I wanted something cute. Maybe some cute sayings too?

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2 Responses to “valentine card help plz?!?!?”

  1. Kimmy said :

    If there both for girls that are ur friends make them really colorful and put little heart stickers all over.

  2. Sid B said :

    Hardest question all day.

    For your GF how about using those things to make a nice scrap book with lots of photos of the 2 of you.

    If bff means boy friend.

    A nice photo of you. Signed with some kind of endearment and in a nice but inexpensive frame. Possibly heart shaped from a $ store.

    The signature in a Gold Gel pen ( make sure it’s dry before you frame it ) adds a touch of Class.


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