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Help on my Valentine card?

I’m makeing a valentine card for my girl friend and i know it should come from me which it is i just wanted to know if i should add or take anything out or fix it. Here it gose “I love you because your personality is like a world wind because every time im with you im left with a speeding heart and im swept off my feet cause my words to fly away. Its a never ending journey which cause my heart to beat faster and faster and even though we fight i seem to always be pulled back towards you. I just wanted to fly by and wish you a Happy Valentines.” if you think i can help me edit it ill be most gratful i want her to have a good card. Thanks

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4 Responses to “Help on my Valentine card?”

  1. amymcms said :

    thats really amazing. i dont think you should change it at all its great she’ll no doubt love it i know i would

  2. wa255501 said :

    I think it’s good right now.

  3. Jessica L said :

    I think she’s prefer something less… i dunno rehearsed. Why not tell her all the reasons why you love her 🙂 like mine;_ylt=Avkg95eCqsNA7s_iiprc4jfsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090212155919AAML11v

  4. Dandy lion said :

    Idk it sounds like something you could give to anyone. You need to point out some things that she does that you like, and be specific.


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