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My girlfriend is 3 months pregnant and now im checking out other girls. how can i stop? its hard!?

like i cant control myself from checking them out 🙁
yeah, it really is THAT hard. i havent made any moves but its been close

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50 Responses to “My girlfriend is 3 months pregnant and now im checking out other girls. how can i stop? its hard!?”

  1. Shannon E. said:

    Just stop!

  2. Mr. Shpongadongle said:

    You can look, just don’t touch – you have a baby coming so your selfish life is over forever.

  3. jason crystol said:

    your what i call a F#$&ing douche bag!

  4. Ashley R said:

    just dont do it infront of her, and dont cheat on her…no biggie

  5. Poppy: John is due 12/19/08 said:

    You sound like a winner!

    Why not CONTROL yourself? It’s not really hard….

  6. Toby P said:

    if you don’t have eyes, you cant look at they’re slender beautifully round butts.

    simply, remove the eyeballs.

  7. HotpinkKitties said:

    Having second thoughts?

  8. Alyssa A said:

    As long as your eyes are able to move, your eyes will wander.

    This is true for everyone.

    As for your question “how can I stop”, the only way is to tear your eyes out and I truely do not want you to do that.

  9. VT said:

    Get over it and grow up. You are going to have a family now and you need to be there for them. Try spending more time with your girlfriend and less time having access to other girls.

  10. davidjriley98 said:

    Sleep with one then you’ll get it out of your system.

  11. ashishamay said:

    It is normal for guys to do that but at the same time, you need to think about what you are doing and think about how your girlfriend would feel if she caught you! Pregnant women are already going to start feeling fat and unattractive, don’t add to it! And by the way, like the *** hole above, don’t sleep with them and get it out of your system! That is horrible and you know what, with a state of mind like that, I hope you get cheated on in every relationship that you have PIG!

  12. marc r said:

    so you have a child coming and you think about other women.
    think about your girlfriend and this phase of your life. Otherwise you are just being selfish.

    how many babies do you want with how many women? and you wonder why kids today are all screwed up about commitment and family.

  13. sumyounggai80 said:

    Looking is not as bad, but you think about how she feels causing she is getting bigger day by day and you’re checking out other girls. If you love her, stop.

  14. leethewong said:

    Checking out other girls is normal and you can’t stop it, thinking about them or thinking about acting on your thoughts about them is not.

    So just don’t think about them after they leave your sight.

  15. sk8 guy said:

    pick up a bible and read

  16. rainyday said:

    Looking is OK…try to find the beauty and the sexiness in her pregnancy…it’s there. She needs you to focus on her right now.
    O, and congrats!

  17. KDragon7676 said:

    Males are very visual creatures….we need to look, its ok to look, as long as you can keep it at that….
    If not, maybe you just need to take an honest look at yourself, and what you want out of life, there are no wrong answers….

  18. Best Mom!! said:

    dont worry, she’ll start doing the same soon. Don’t think men are not attractive to pregnant woman either. It’s sexy.

  19. Justice said:

    Looking is normal and not a problem. {shouldn’t be anyway}. It sounds to me that you’re just another one who ISN’T READY to settle down with one person. You aren’t ready to be a parent either I would guess, but It’s too late for that.

  20. mommatobe said:

    Looking is ok, just don’t touch! Everyone looks at other people. If you get the urge to do anything then you have issues that you have to talk through with her and question your commitment.

  21. mkgirl said:

    get married to her, get your life right with God, and quit looking at other girls—not necessarely in that order.

  22. candyapplecat said:

    try putting yourself in your gf’s shoes. she needs you to be there to support her not to be on the make.

  23. Melissa D said:

    Well if you can’t control it then you have a problem……I wouldn’t let her catch you doing it, she is going to be self conscious enough as it is…..there is no law saying you can’t check another person out..we all do it! But don’t think it is ok to be interested in these other girls….you have to be a man you have a gf who is pregnant with your baby!

  24. mommy to be! said:

    well its normal to look at other people I know from time to time if I at the store and I see a cute guy I will look but if you are constantly staring it could be a problem try and mention it to your girl friend because if i was her I would feel stupid! I mean I guess looking is better then touching

  25. ღ♫Pяєgŋaŋt w/#1 Boy! Duє Jaŋ20♫ღ said:

    Do you mean like you’re just looking at them thinking they’re hot? I don’t know a guy who doesn’t do that. just don’t go any farther. its good that you want to stop out of respect of your girl. its just called Self Control. but really… its human nature. just don’t cheat. that’s not ok. good luck.

  26. Ash=) said:

    well you need to think about your gf. she cant get anyone else if shes preggers with your kid. and if you have a girl pregnant you should be thinking about your baby not other girls. your a pig.

  27. Hey, It's Just Me said:

    Being hard is what got you in trouble in the first place. You can control looking at them. When you decided to have unprotected sex, you decided that this was the woman for you for the next 18 years at least. She needs you and so does your baby, so close your eyes and look away.

  28. Mrs. Partee/ an now a mommy. said:

    I understand what you mean.
    But as long as you are not cheating on her it will be ok.
    All guys an girls look at the opposite sex an if they say they dont they do the most. Because you cant help it there all around.
    as long as you know you love your girl an aint gon hurt her then everything is ok.
    Dont stress!

  29. Erica C said:

    I agree with second answerer, you can look just dont touch!!! Its normal. I check out other dudes, and my bf checks out other girls… who cares??? We just don’t make a big deal out of it, or make comments about other guysgirls in front of each other. I’d just say, don’t make it obvious to her if you are doing it.

  30. WeAreAllHypocrites said:

    it’s like being on a strict diet. You can check out the menu…just don’t order anything. If you feel week, remind yourself that she is carrying YOUR child. NOTHING you ever achieve or receive in life will be more precious than that child. Trust me. i have had many cool gifts in life but none are even close to my children. My ex wife is a world class douche, but i will always be grateful that she carried the most important thing to me in the world for 8 months (preemie).

  31. Jaseyy said:

    You’re an idiot dude.

    You were stupid enough not to THINK before you had sex with the girl, and wondered whether you were really READY to be a father… you brought an innocent child to this world and its your job to be a fucking man & do your duty.

    Maybe you should have thought well before you pulled your dick out & forgot about the condom?

    Seek help or counselling, you animal.


  32. kristina said:

    what ever don’t let her catch you looking. she is very emotional and will blow it totally out of proportion.

    also don’t cheat. just looking is ok

    your not used to seeing your GF like this. all over emotional, sick and such.

    give it time . once the baby come everything will go back to normal and u will have unconditional love for both.

    you will be fine. your a guy u cant help the looking


  33. Ashleigh G said:

    its natural for a (im guessing you like 20) young guy to look at girls. but you have to realize that because you did IT, that’s all over and you have to commit to the girl you had a baby with. if you do not just think how the baby will feel (when its older), plus the girl will be so scared with a baby and no husband. I would try and get marriage counseling than get married, than you MUST stay true to her.

    i hope this helps 🙂
    Good luck

  34. Jesus Z said:

    You are obviously too immature to have a baby if you are still checking out other girls when you are about to have a little baby yourself. If you have a girl, would you want her boyfriend doing the same to her? Your focus should be on the excitement of your little one! You need to do some serious soul searching. Write down all the things of why you love your girlfriend. Try to fall in love with her again.

  35. OPTIMIST said:

    Hmmm, fatherhood, sounds like its time to take the focus off “other girls” and focus on your responsibility of raising a baby. Contrary to modern belief, it takes both a mom and dad in a child’s life to provide all the components for a healthy child. Just because you glance at someone it doesn’t mean you are a low life, but since you spread your pollen in the garden, don’t you think its time to start at least trying to stay with the flower you picked?

  36. C. Greer said:

    Men are more visual then women and it’s completely normal. I think most men would “check out” other girls, even when their girlfriends aren’t pregnant. However, my best advice would be to be more considerate and not blatantly stare at other women, be faithful to her and more importantly be there for her. She is going through a lot right now and she needs you and your love more than ever. Think about her feelings and what she is going through. How would you feel if she constantly checked out other men all the time? I hope it works out for you & good luck!

  37. WHITTEN said:

    Your a guy from what i hear it is hard to stop “looking”. First of all…NEVER TOUCH! That would prolly scar her for life. Second, remember your girlfriend is very vulnerable right now, she might start feeling more unattractive especially if she catches you eyeing up the hottie in front of you in the WalMart check out. She needs support right now and ecouragment that you love her and think she is beautiful even more now that she is carrying your baby. Just try to think about how special this time is for ya’ll and how beautiful a pregnant womans body can be. It’s the miracle of life. If you catch yourself looking again, just think to yourself “what if my girlfriend new what I was thinking” and how it would make her feel. You may be looking at your girlfriends body thinking wow she is looking really different but remember, so is she. Keep your eye on the belly, not the booty in front of you. 🙂 Good luck to you both!

  38. Misty M said:

    At least stop doing it when she is around, that is just RUDE and you shouldn’t do that anyway. And you CAN control it. Do you have closing eyelids and a rotating head? If the answer is yes then take these steps:

    1) You see what you think could be a pretty girl out of the corner of your eye.
    2) Close your eyes.
    3) Turn away.
    4) Repeat if necessary.

    Keep in mind too that all women, no matter how they look are just HUMAN BEINGS like you. Just because their body looks ‘good’ by your standards does not mean you have to stare. If you want to look at girls, do it when you go out by yourself or find some internet porn or some other harmless outlet.

    There is nothing wrong with looking, as long as you aren’t being rude about it. No woman likes a guy with a pregnant wife STARING at her…and no wife or girlfriend would be cool with this either.

    I personally could give a crap if a boyfriend LOOKS at a woman but staring like a pig is rude and very few women like that, even if they are bisexual. If you are going to be a good father, this is something you have to stop doing. Period. It’s not healthy for a kid to grow up seeing mommy and daddy fighting because daddy looks at women!

    Also, we are free to look at whatever we like but when you act on it or make people uncomfortable it becomes WRONG! Do the right thing, learn to control your eyeballs and neck when you are around the future mother of your child. Basically, it’s time to grow up and act like a gentleman!

  39. qdark said:

    dooooooooo it

  40. Daniel W said:

    well we are human and you have eyes..but you need to look at your girl more to me pregnant is pretty.she has a little you in there.start looking at her more.

  41. Mariposita said:

    Wow. I’m not trying to be mean but that’s really dick of you. Your girlfriend is pregnant and you need to be supportive of her. Honestly, I check out other guys all the time and I’m in a relationship but I never do anything. As long as you keep a clear line between looking and pursuing you should be okay. Try being more interested in what your girlfriend is going through and read up on pregnancy in general. Start looking at the big picture, your child is growing inside of her and causing her stress now could damage him/her. You have to be more mature and responsible for this baby and ready or not you’re gonna be a dad. Good luck and use condoms next time!

  42. Nilah Monee` Nov 7, 2008 said:

    Your a man hunny. You may have been doing it before she became pregnant but never really paid to much mind to the fact that you were doing it.

    I say look as much as you like.

    As far as stopping you either have to want to do it or it wont happen!

  43. Jonathan C said:

    you f*c*ing disgrace.

  44. PrincessShine said:

    Have you thought about getting professional counseling to help? I’m not sure if you want to get your girlfriend involved since she is pregnant this can cause her a great deal of stress. You should be there for her during her pregnancy – she didn’t make herself pregnant.

  45. jules said:

    men will be men, all you just have to remember is that this wonderful lady is carring my beautiful baby, maybe you should pay more attention to your gf and pitch in a little to understand what she’s going through… women needs a mans support most when pregnant… i’m sure by doing that it’ll keep your mind off things there not suppose to be on…

    hey, CONGRATZ and best of luck!

  46. Roses said:

    Well, you can chain yourself to the wall, you can take up hard physical labor, you can improve your mind by study, climb mountains, lots of alternate activities to sex. OR you can communicate with your girlfriend about her feelings about having a baby, your role as a Dad, when she will be ready for sex again, your relationship in the long term and how you can be supportive of her and your child that is to be born.
    If you really can’t control yourself you are in real trouble. It is like being unable to control your drinking or smoking. Who said life was easy?

  47. ♪♫♫♫♪music is life♪♫♪ ♫♫♪♪♪♪♪♪♫♫ said:

    easy if you love your gf stair into her eyes jesus. its guys like you that make women think were all the same.

  48. Dr. Get Your Mind Right,, said:

    When the one your with is pregnant, I have found that they tend to be a lil moody and not themselves.. all in consideration – this is quite understandable… Sometimes the idea of a child growing inside your hunny is disturbing to males, it as well can be mentally taxing knowing that you are not the one she is fussing over.. nor will you be for quite some time..

    As far as how to stop checking out other diddies.. well… Try to emerse yourself in the pregnancy by going a the extra mile for your girl.. rub her feet and back, read books to her and the baby, cook dinners and breakfast… help with the housework.. sometimes it pays to be an introvert…

    You may find out that theres nothing better then some lovin from your pregnant lady…

  49. mommy2one1ontheway said:

    Well first of all it is human nature to look at someone who is attractive…I have caught my husband numerous times! But out of respect for your girl you better stay faithful if you can’t break it off to save her the hurt…

  50. woody06510 said:

    You & only you know what your heart feels when it comes down to love-flip side of the same topic-if it’s true love to your girlfriend that is pregnant make sure you hold on to the one you love..Men checking out other females is normal, but disrespectful to the one that is your girlfriend & vise versa for the females–this is all part of human nature-sometimes that human nature can be holding up a caution sign..Good luck to your situation & decision–peace..


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