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How can I stop being shy and start hooking up with girls?

Im 15 but i look older and im good looking and my body is athletic. Im usually very quiet when Im with people i dont know and at parties. How can i stop being shy so i will be able to hook up with more girls?

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7 Responses to “How can I stop being shy and start hooking up with girls?”

  1. gearofages said:

    Just give up. Been there, done that.

  2. Amezz said:

    even if you dont feel confindent act as if you are. try striking conversations with as many people as u can!


  3. Jonny said:

    just remind urself that its now or never. and that ur having the best years of ur life right now so go 4 it and say in ur head that you will never get another oppurtunity like this. and goooo

  4. Hello said:

    You just suck in you nerves and make a move on a girl. That’s the only way not to be shy. You basically have to mentally think you can do it

  5. almostemo......? said:

    be confident an ask them out , or introduce yourself (i have that same problem about being shy and im tired of it!!!!)

  6. Rick said:

    Take it from someone who knows what your going through. Listen. There comes a time when you just say to yourself ” the worst thing that can happen is they say no”. You have to get to the point that you just suck it up ,approach them, start talking to them …but talk to them like their just anybody else ,stay calm and relaxed , be yourself , dont try to hard to impress but dont come off like an idiot .
    Find out all you can about them. Their likes and dislikes,what kind of things they enjoy and find out what you have in common. It is really good to find someone with alot of the same interest .
    But really,dont be afraid, cause the worst that can happen is they say no. But realize for every one that says no …their so many more looking for what your looking for who will say yes and want to know you as well. Give it try. I wouldnt steer you wrong.

  7. Jada H said:

    Well i can’t tell u how 2 STOP being shy because it just takes guts. You have 2 take a chance and just start talking. Normally wen u just start a convo, ule realize it just starts flowing after. You just gotta take that 1st step n start talking. Like, a way that you can go at it is just walking past and like stopping n bein like haha this party is fun ! or u can just start a formal, hey wutsup, n start a convo. Mostly, girls around our age r rlly nice n will talk 2 u just bcuz. Trust me we’re not as mean as we look lol. Me n my friends talk 2 any1 and every1 wen we go out. So just dont b afraid and you should do fine. Gud luck :]


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